LinkedIn Company Pages Updates and How they will Benefit Your Business

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linkedin company pages and how they will benefit your business

LinkedIn is a professional social network which helps many people and companies gain business. So it only makes sense that they would overhaul Company Pages to make them more useful for both companies and users. 

Let’s take a look at what changes have taken place, and how they will benefit your business.


Most noticeably, the Company Page design has had a huge update. It feels much less cluttered and there is plenty of space for updates.

Ensure your updates are interesting as the ‘about’ section is now at the bottom of the page. So users will have to scroll past all of your updates to find out about your company.

Banner Image

TMPLinkedIn-300x246One of the most obvious changes to Company Pages is the addition of a banner image.

Over the past few months social networks seem to have become aware of the importance of branding for businesses. We’ve seen the addition of dedicated spaces for branding on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and finally LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s banner image is 640 x 220 pixels, which although smaller than a Facebook cover image, gives you plenty of space to get your branding and strap lines across. We found that we had to make the image slightly larger than 640 x 220 and then crop it down to fit.

Unlike Facebook, there doesn’t appear to be any limitations about what you can and cannot put in your banner image.

Prominent Products and Services

Products and services used to be hidden away in a separate tab. On the update pages one product/service will be showcased at the side of your profile.

While users will still have to click a button to view all of your products and services. Having one in an easily visible place tempts users into finding out more about your offerings.

Featured Update

Similar to pinning a post on Facebook, you can now feature a LinkedIn update.

Featuring an update will bring the update to the top of the page and keep it there for 48 hours. Which is great for highlighting important news and making sure as many people see it as possible.


You may have noticed that you can now view the number of ‘impressions’ an update has had, this is the number of times an update has been viewed. You can also see any comments, how many times it’s been clicked on, shared and the rate of engagement.


Company pages can now be seen on the LinkedIn mobile apps, so users will be able to view your company page no matter where they are.

Targeted Updates

Not completely new as it’s been around for a while now, but you can now target updates.

You can target based on company size, industry, function seniority and geographic location.

This means that if you create an update that will appeal to people in the manufacturing industry in theUK, you can target those people.

The only downside to targeted updates is that you need to target at least 100 people, so unless you have a large following this could be difficult for you.

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