Make your product page copy more attractive & increase conversions

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Make your product page copy more attractive and increase conversions

Product page copy is important. It should tell consumers how what you’re selling will solve their problem and should leave them with no questions about the product or service.

It may be time consuming to review and update every product on your ecommerce website. But it’s well worth it and will help engage consumers. As well as increase your conversion rate and help with SEO.

Poor product descriptions may put prospective customers off buying from you. They may even buy the same product from one of your competitors instead.


Personalise your copy

Don’t be tempted to use manufacturer’s descriptions. There are plenty of your competitors already doing that.

Take the time to write your own copy in your brands tone of voice. This will create interesting copy which sets you apart from your competitors and engages visitors to your website.


Short descriptions or bullet points

To get visitors engaged and interested, use bullet points. Or a couple of short sentences at the top of the page explaining key points and benefits of the product.


A great example of this is Amazon. We will naturally be drawn towards the image. So they allow retailers to place key product information to the right of product images in the form of bullet points.

This keeps the copy short and snappy and doesn’t waste any time in telling the customer about the product.

If visitors like what they see, they’ll scroll down the page to read more about the product or service.


Don’t skimp on information

Make sure your product descriptions contain as much information as possible; when it comes to parting with money there’s nothing we don’t want to know about a product or service before we consider buying it.

We want to make sure that what we’re buying will satisfy our need or want, and unless all the information is included we can’t do that. The detailed product description should answer all of the prospective customer’s questions and leave them with no queries.

PC World technical specs

If you’re selling an electronic or technical product, it’s even more important to share every tiny piece of information about the product to allow consumers to make an informed decision.

For example PC World shares products technical information to allow customers to quickly identify whether the product they’re considering buying will do what they want it to do. It also makes it easier to compare products.

In some cases, including minor details may be what persuades someone to buy from you rather than a competitor who hasn’t bothered to cover detailed information.


Sell the benefits of the product or service

When writing copy you have to sell the benefit of the product or service.

As a consumer yourself you know that when you’re looking to make a purchase you want to make sure you get value for money. Remember that and make sure your product description really sells the benefits and explains how it can solve a problem for the customer or make things easier for them.

Apple iPhone 5

Apple are a great example of a brand who sell the benefits of their products; the above screenshot taken from their iPhone 5 page really sells you the benefits of faster wireless and a more powerful chip.


Include key words

In order for people to just stumble upon product pages in search engines make sure you include keywords in your product description and product title.

The best way to make sure you’re using the right keywords is to think about what you would search for if you were searching for a product or service like the one you’re selling.

Type those keywords into a search engine and if you find similar products showing up in the results then you’re using the right keywords.


Extra ecommerce tips

As well as product copy, the following tips are important to encouraging people to buy from you and not your competitors.


Navigation and user experience

Make sure your ecommerce website is easy to navigate and has a good search function. This will make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for.

If your website leaves people confused, they will leave and use a competitors website which is easier to use.


Images and videos

Product pages need high quality images of the product from multiple angles to give people a good idea of what the product actually looks like.

Where possible include images of it in use, which may give the customer a better idea of how it works. For some products it may also be worth showing a video of a product in use.


Shipping and returns information

Make people aware of shipping costs early on; don’t surprise them with it at the final stage of checkout.

You should also make returns information easy to find as this is something a lot of people take into consideration before purchasing.


Up to date information

Provide up to date information about whether a product is in stock or not, what sizes, colours or any other options are currently available.

The last thing you want to be doing is telling your customer that you haven’t actually got what they’ve ordered in stock.


Build trust through customer reviews

Encourage your customers to leave reviews of your products or services and business.

This will help you build up trust and make prospective customers feel more comfortable about buying with you if they haven’t purchased from you before.


As a consumer you know what things you hate seeing on a website and what puts you off buying from certain websites.

Keep reviewing your website and asking yourself whether you’d buy from your website. If you’re struggling to be objective, ask a friend to review your site and be honest.

Great copy which answers all of the customers questions won’t mean that 100% of your visitors will convert, but it can help to increase your conversions and improve your SEO, as we talk about in our post why high quality is king of SEO.


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