The Marketer’s Christmas Carol

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The Marketer's Christmas Carol

Marketing is stressful but at Christmas it seems especially,

So businesses can make the most of customers spending so freely.

From posters and shop signs and updates to their website.

Everything clients can get their hands on is changed to gold and red, and green and white.

So we sit down with our clients to work out the strategy

The one that will get customers singing with glee

Perhaps we start with some beautifully designed print?

Though that only works if the client isn’t completely skint

We could work with Christmas cards, or brochures, or flyers with a deal

We could print vinyl’s for your shop front, what do you feel?

The client isn’t sure, and asks what about the website?

“We will consider whatever will drive the results to get it right”

Perhaps you need to add a seasonal graphic?

Tied with an offer this may improve traffic.

Perhaps it’s taking the time to reconsider your copy,

Because at the moment it’s a little bit sloppy.

The clients not sure that it matters that much about the content?

‘Surely they’ll understand that’s what I meant’

But if you want to improve your ranking and get ahead

You really need to reconsider what you’ve said

And you can’t forget about social media, perhaps a festive hashtag?

‘Ooo no I don’t do social, it’s really not my bag’

So you work as hard as you can, completely round the clock

To produce amazing work that you know will sell their stock

It’s hectic and sometimes you want to pull out your hair,

Especially as deadlines approach and you have no time to spare.

But you wouldn’t do any job, as this is where your passion lies

You work as hard as you can and earn your mince pies

That’s why clients come back year after year

(That and your amazing good cheer!)

So fellow marketers, we raise a glass to you.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too.

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