Marketing Today – theory or transmission?

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If you go to a marketing agency and ‘tell them’ what you want, how it should look and what you like the look of, then why bother going to a marketing agency?

This is a mistake many businesses make, and it usually ends up with the likes of web developers, SEO specialists, printers and copywriters making lots of money doing what ‘you’ wanted them to do and yet, the end result is poorly informed and ineffective. It’s not about what ‘you’ need, it’s about what your customers require. Don’t worry this is not a rant, read on.

A marketing agency is different to ‘promotional’ marketing businesses that will simply place your logo and copy on your choice of media be it web, digital or printed formats. This in our view is manufacturing, not marketing. This is transmission only.
A real marketing agency should enable control over your key messaging, tone, touch-points and then the schedule in which to release them. They will translate your vision of the business through effective written word, visual graphic design and creative outputs that you could never hope to do on your own, unless of course you are a chartered marketer leading a whole team of qualified writers, designers and developers behind you.

For example, your marketing is about your business, products & services, your competition and most importantly, your customers (marketing 101). A marketing agency will take you on this journey. It will help you to discover what is right and appropriate against your objectives for success. Your marketing agency should provide you with solutions, pathways and a conduit to your objectives dependent upon what your business can deliver, in competition to whom and to whoever your target audience may be. This is where the theory comes in.

A real agency should consult thoroughly, research, analyse and discover, in order to influence the desired responses. Marketing doesn’t just reflect the traditional definition which goes a bit like this-

‘Marketing – the action and business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising‘

We have to take this definition to another level so to provide effective calls to action. Interactions without the potential client having to think too hard about the results. In other words, an experienced agency should be able to understand various aspects of the human condition to predict a buyer’s response effectively.

This understanding is learnt through years of study, provision and ‘objective fueled’ targeting, not just a robotic adherence to inbound, buyer persona lead models. There is a good helping of psychology and behavioral science to take into consideration, what worked in 1901 will still work now, it’s just the ‘transmission’ that has changed. It is not necessarily the ‘young’ and ‘spontaneous creative’ industry, we are led to believe it is.

The transmission is becoming easier and easier to provide, this is why we’ve see hundreds of small ‘so called’ marketing businesses and individuals sprouting from nowhere, providing the means for transmission with little or no understanding of what theoretical marketing is all about. It’s the hard work in pre-marketing that will render the end transmission effective.
It will also provide the reasons for choosing ‘what’ particular transmission formats to use in the first place. For example, PPC, SEO, email marketing, Facebook advertising or twitter feed social media management may be right for one business or campaign, but not for another. Spend your money wisely, be wary of the so called ‘marketing gurus’ and ‘creatives’. Oh and SEO is not the answer to all of your worries, it can damage your reputation if the website has a poor user experience.

If you can touch the human condition at a deeper emotional level and have them ‘own’ your marketing, ‘own’ your brand, then we are describing the ability to develop beautifully effective, desirable brands that appeal to the ideal target audience, which has been correctly discovered for your business. It must give you credibility, security and a desirable proposition for you to charge for goods and services. Your marketing will not only discover your clients but prove your proposition’s worth.

So who can do this?

A good marketing agency should be able to perform tried and tested marketing conventions, in bespoke relation to your business & for your target audience, before they should ever think about designing a logo, a website, an advertising campaign, or a promotional item to print it on.

Get some professional advice, go to a real marketing agency, one who will challenge your brief, if you don’t change your approach, you will continue getting the same results.

You wouldn’t think twice about fixing your gas boiler, you’d get a professional in to do it. Why would you risk your livelihood and your business? Consult with a professional and get them to fix your marketing. Going straight to transmission is like only ‘buying the boiler’, but who is going to install it properly? Your marketing might require an accredited engineer, not just the next person handy with a screw driver.

Producing a fabulous logo, a superb website, a fantastic brochure is the easy part. It’s the technical mechanics provided through the marketing consultation and its brief that is the art of marketing. The beautiful, clever, creative marketing and its transmission comes as a result of all of this, nothing less.

So what is it? ‘Theory or Transmission’? The answer is simple, one feeds the other. Without the theory, strategic overview and pre-marketing steps provided by a real marketing agency or individual, that can do both, the transmission may be useless. At best, a ‘blind transmission’ is a stab in the dark, you may not get lucky.

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