Marketing News – April Updates

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marketing new April updates

It’s that time again, for more news from across the marketing industry. We see what the last few weeks has meant for businesses.


Social Media

Social media ain’t half been busy this month. The race to be top dog in the social media world is one that is still very much in motion, and the competition is high. So high it seems that it is becoming easier to make mistakes. We take a look at a few social media mistakes over the last few weeks.



We start the first of many social media gaffes with Facebook sparking a global bomb scare with it’s new disaster response feature. Facebook has created a new safety check feature so that if an attack or disaster happens near your location, you are prompted to confirm you are safe, so family can check on you. This is a genius feature, but unfortunately not without its bugs.

When a deadly attack happened in Lahore at the end of March, Facebook sent it’s safety message not just to those in the area, but to users in different countries, sparking panic that something had happened they weren’t aware of.

Facebook has since apologised, and confirmed it has now resolved the bug in the system.



Snapchat’s face swap and filters have become huge over April, (and are said to have surpassed Instagram’s numbers) with filtered images appearing everywhere, Snapchat is doing a great job of staying relevant.

It did land itself in a little bit of bother, with people accusing a ‘Bob Marley’ Filter available for a day (420) as not only racially insensitive, but rather unfair that the musician only be remembered for his connections to recreational drug use than for his music.


Social gaffe from Lad Bible

It’s easy to get caught in the flow of social media, and to post something you probably shouldn’t of in the name of getting engagement, but this doesn’t always go the way you expect. This is a situation Lad Bible found themselves in at the end of March, by posting a ‘meme’ of Wentworth Miller’s weight gain.

Wentworth Miller found fame in ‘Prison Break’ and once the series ended, his mental health suffered, and he gained weight, which is something he has spoken about since.

When Miller called Lad Bible out on poking fun at a time in his life he was dealing with severe depression was in bad taste, they were quick to put out a public apology that they had got it wrong.

A simple step too far put Lad Bible in hot water, and gained some bad press for them. If you find yourself in this position, completely unintentionally on the wrong side of social media, remember it’s all about the recovery, and making sure you come back in a sincere and human manner.


Marketing campaigns


Carlsberg makes an actual chocolate bar

Carlsberg is definitely not one to let us down with an ad campaign, and their latest offering is no exception. If Carlsberg did bars, apparently they would be made of chocolate (half a ton of chocolate to be more precise). Yet another brilliant idea from Carlsberg’s marketing team, and one that is in line with the #ifcarlsbergdid campaign, and the free booze give away they seem to have done in their last few campaigns.


Spotify using topical advertising to it’s advantage

In a brilliant use of topical advertising, Spotify has created a subpage of it’s website, where you can see which Game of Thrones character you are by the music that you listen to. You can try it out for yourself here. Spotify being able to team up with the TV show of the month is sure to do a lot for getting users to re-engage with them.


Hellman’s are splashing out for their sauces

Hellman’s are spending a huge £10 million on their summer marketing campaign, which will bring a huge variety of sauces to the market just in time for BBQ season. Their multimedia campaign will see TV ads, digital, social media, PR and in store activity being pushed from the beginning on May.


Other Marketing Stories


AdWords is getting a redesign

Google released an announcement at the end of March that after 15 years of AdWords, they want to make the next 15 years just as relevant. So they will be redesigning AdWords to fit in with feedback they have received from advertisers, focusing on three main points: Being more about your business, and less about Google’s product, more data you actually care about at your fingertips, and more simple yet powerful tools.


Plagiarism scandal may have passed for the Tokyo Olympics logo

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may have faced a small set back when the logo they had originally settled on in September was actually plagiarised, so they were literally forced back to the drawing board. The National has reported on the new design, and how it has not been received all that well, with a lot of people branding it as ‘dull’. You can see what you think for yourself here.


We’re a little too sarcastic for our own good, and possibly addicted to emoji’s

As reported by biz report, Malijet have conducted a new study that reveals us Brits are 63% more likely to open an email which used an emoji in the subject line. If this emoji suggests a sarcastic tone, this shoots up the open rate even higher, especially if it is a crying emoji.

But it looks like it’s just us Brits that are enjoyed those sarcastic little faces, as using emoji’s in the US was nowhere near as high an increase, and sometimes open rates actually fell. No one gets our sense of humour do they?


This month was the Queen’s 90th birthday, so what did brands do?

For those of you who may have been under a rock this month, Her Majesty The Queen turned 90, meaning lots of celebrations across the country, and brands really went with it! This was a great example of brands using some topical content, and jumping on a trending topic with messages that also brought people back to their brand.

The Drum put together a really great round up of what various brands got up to, which you can see in full here. We’re going to take a look at a few of our favourites though.

From one Queen to another was a notion used by Disney UK and Marvel UK, which allowed brands to link their own agenda whilst still linking to the Queen’s Birthday. Though not as inventive as some as the other topical content, this does push the love for the Queen, and hopefully that love for Queen’s will reflect on their own characters.

Marks and Spencers went quite simple in their tweet, sending their returns to the Queen with a picture of one of the processions past Marks and Spencers. Not only creating a viable link back to Her Majesty, but also showing that it has stuck the times, and is truly steeped in history.

Finally, I think the most drastic change by a brand to celebrate this occasion was Burger King rebranding as Burger Queen for the day. This was a huge commitment to the day, and we certainly hope it paid off for them!

And all of this tweeting seems to have reached the Queen, as she is now searching for her own digital PR specialist. For £50,000 a year, you would be in charge of boosting the Royal Family’s online profile. If you’re still looking Your Majesty, I do know a brilliant marketing team …





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