Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has become a more popular choice for gaining leads for your business.

In an age where every buying decision is researched and reviewed online before a purchase is made, it makes sense to make it as easy as possible for people to find you and enquire about your products or services through your own website.

You can remove the guesswork from your marketing by bringing it inbound. Look to attract the right customers by being industry experts, and solving their problems rather than offering your solution.

Bringing your main lead source inbound rather than outbound doesn’t always mean less work for you to do. But it does mean more qualified leads, as they already have a feel and interest for your company before you even have a conversation.

Our staff are certified in inbound marketing, meaning they have been tested on their knowledge and skills in all inbound practices.

Inbound Certified

What does that mean?

If you need to get known for your expertise a little more. We’ll look at building your blogs up, and adapting your content. If you’re looking to showcase your expertise, we’ll look at your user journey to ensure your potential customers can see you put your expertise into action, or if you’re looking to expand your reach, we’ll work with you on your social media to build your follower base.

So if you need a little help creating your content. Perfecting your blog, or ensuring a more persuasive call to action, we may be able to help.

With our inbound services, we can look at your SEO, your social media, and your Google AdWords, as well as your email marketing, landing pages and automation.

We know a lot of companies never meet the people who run their SEO, social media or inbound marketing in general, but we like to be different. We have an open-door office here in Burntwood. So whenever you’d like to pop down for a cuppa, or a fuss of the marketing dogs, you’re always welcome.

We like when you can put a face to a name, and you know who will be picking up your call if you have any problems. So if you’d like a more local approach to inbound marketing in Staffordshire, why not book in a no obligation chat today?