Our most popular blog posts of the year

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our most popular blog posts of this year

We have been busy bees on our blog this year, doing our best to inform you of industry news, great marketing examples and methods of best practice. Below we have our 8 most popular blog posts this year.



How the internet has changed marketing

How the internet has changed marketingOne of our most consistently popular blogs every month is how the internet changed marketing. Because of how far the internet in itself has come, it has now changed how businesses have to market to their customers. We take a look at how websites, social media and analytics have changed marketing.




What is pre-marketing and why is it so important?

Pre-marketing is our approach to any marketing project What is pre-marketing and why is it so important?we do. In this blog we take alook at what pre-marketing consists of, why it’s important, and how we approach it.





What is topical advertising, and why your business should be using it.

We take a look at topical advertising, and how your business what is topical advertising and why your business should be using itcould be using it. Withplenty of examples such as lynx, oreo and specsavers, you should be brimming with ideas on how you can use topical advertising yourself.




How to ‘moderate’ comments on Facebook brand pages

Though there is still no way to actually moderate commenthow to moderate comments on facebook brand pagess on facebook, there area few ways you may be able to gain a bit more control back.





8 ways to increase your ranking on LinkedIn

8 ways to increase your ranking on linkedinAs an avid LinkedIn user, I looked at the best ways to increase my ranking on Linkedin without having to pay for premium. I put together 8 easily actionable tips that can get you rising through the rankings.





<h3.Six ways you can use leaflets

Sometimes it is hard to know exactly how to make the mostsix ways you can use leaflets out of your marketing,especially materials like leaflets. Leaflets can be great value for money, so here are six ways to ensure you get the most out of them.




Why should I send branded Christmas cards

Though this one seems to peak only around a certain time why should i send branded christmas cardsof year, it still made it intoour top viewed blogs. Here we speak about why you should consider sending Christmas cards for your business.




Why customer reviews are important and how to get them

With more and more people researching product reviewswhy customer reviews are important and how to get them and testimonials online, itis more important now than ever to have up to date reviews for your products and services. Here are a few tips on how to get them.




As you’ll be able to see, most of top viewed blogs are from older content, with most of it being ‘evergreen’ content. If you’d like to learn more about creating great content, book in an appointment with us for the New Year and see how we can help.

We aim to cover as much useful content as possible within our blogs, so if there is a topic we haven’t covered, or something you’d just like a bit more in depth information on, leave us a comment, and we’ll look to include it in next year’s blogs.

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