Acme Self Storage

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Transfer the website, hosting and emails. Updates & improvements to the existing website, a promotional flyer and digital marketing to raise brand awareness in the local area and beat competitors.

The Client

Acme Self Storage offers storage solutions for home and business.

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The Challenge

The client approached us to increase brand awareness in the area and asked us to help them stop losing business to their competitors.

Although Acme Self Storage has been trading for many years and is well-established, more storage companies have recently come into their area and are taking market share, even though the competition are more expensive and less personal.

Our client was losing valuable recurring revenue and needed our help to overcome these issues.

Our Solution

Marketing Consultancy

In our marketing consultations, we reviewed our client’s current offering. We clarified who they are, what they do, their target audience & their requirements, and looked at how to achieve their business objectives.

After objectively reviewing Acme’s competitors, we were able to establish our client’s value proposition to help give them a competitive advantage over other storage companies in the area.

At this stage we also reviewed the current website template to see if we were able to make changes to it.

Web Design

Our client had several issues with their current website, including slow load speed, errors, problems with plugins and issues with the reflow of text, along with responsive issues for mobile users.

Acme needed their website to generate enquiries and capitalise on their current providers digital marketing and SEO. To do this, we reviewed the current website hosting, the current SEO and ads strategy. The client decided to move everything over to use and we helped them with the transition from his current providers to the marketing people. While transferring everything and sorting Acmes issues with emails we looked at content, messages, calls to action and user journey.

Recommendations for improvement were signed off and we proceeded, updated the copy to include their key offering, as outlined in the marketing consultations.

We have worked with the client to fix any issues in a timely manner, and we set them up on our fast, secure servers and added an SSL certificate for security.

Calls to action and contact forms were implemented to drive sales, and sliders were updated to show benefits to customers.

The various service offerings (home, business, removals & insurance) were clearly separated to improve user journey, and the space calculator and special offers were added to the global navigation as a quick, handy reference for visitors.

seo audit report for acme

acme self storage website in mobile, tablet and desktop format

Digital Marketing

Before starting the campaign, we optimised the current website to increase the number of quick quote forms and inbound phone calls, as above.

The previous website provider had only installed Google Analytics, so we also added call tracking and remarketing codes on Google and social media.

Taking the time to understand how our client’s business works, we collected data on their customer base, to enable us to give them the best chance of selling their service in a very competitive sector.

At this point we created a plan to increase their brand awareness on both the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network, targeting in-the-moment and in-market audiences.

From the campaign, we improved the visibility of the business, increasing website traffic by 225%. Over the first few weeks of the test campaign, we generated five leads and four new inbound sales opportunities for our client.

After testing Ads in a highly competitive area with a limited budget, we chose to box clever by continuing in the display network to improve long-term monthly revenue.

digital advertising layouts for client

Graphic Design


Utilising the updated website copy, we created an A5 4-page leaflet for Acme to coincide with the targeted digital advertising.

We included the key offering & benefits for customers, and several calls to action to encourage enquiries. Graphic design was used to make the service offerings clear and to highlight the key points. We included professional photography to show the high standard of the storage facilities and the value of the included services, all at an affordable competitive price.

To increase brand visibility and footfall in the area, we included a map on the leaflet that makes it easy to see where they are located at just a quick glance.

acme a5 flyers

print production

Print, Production & Fulfilment

As well as designing, we also produced the A5 4-page leaflet. We printed it on high-quality stock with a fast turnaround, so our client could begin their door-to-door campaign as soon as possible.

copywriting icon



From the outputs of our marketing consultations, we were able to create copy that would attract, engage, convince and convert visitors to the site.

After reviewing the current content, we amended the copy and wrote additional content to include their value proposition, to appeal to their target audience, with calls to action to drive prospects.


From the updated website copy, we were able to identify the key messages and calls to action to be included on the leaflet.

Our client needed lots of key benefits included on the leaflet to make them stand out from their competitors, so it was vital that we made sure the content was engaging and persuasive, not overloaded.

The Result

Our work with Acme Self Storage has helped increase their brand awareness in the area, and they are now regaining their title as the ‘go-to’ storage facility, ahead of their competitors.

Our marketing consultancy work was crucial for the client to understand who they are, what they do, their target audience and, most importantly, their points of difference and value proposition.

The improved website, promotional leaflet and ongoing digital marketing campaigns have increased their website traffic by 225%, generated enquiries and sales, and improved overall visibility of the business.

“What I had wasn’t good enough for us to compete. There were delays to have the website updated as I asked, and issues with the site all over the place. E-mails were not set up as needed, and several other issues were driving me mad. My impression of marketing was what a waste of time, as I was using a so-called trusted national company who just saw Acme as an invoice each month.

Thanks to The Marketing People for explaining everything as to what could be done and why, and how that would make a difference, rather than just give me the same old promises and keep me in the dark. At last we are telling people what they need to know to use Acme, and have a working website and emails, plus Ads that work and good old fashioned flyers. Nice to have everything in one place, have contact with the team and get reports and updates as promised, so I know what’s going on and can see what’s working. Always best to hand it over to experts. Thank you.”