Anthony John Salons

Digital Marketing

Digital advertising campaign to increase inbound calls, generate sales & increase brand awareness. 48 new phone calls, 50 new clients, and 29 website enquiries.

The Client

Anthony John Salons is an affordable luxury, award-winning, unisex hair salon.

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The Challenge

They were frustrated with the national digital agency they had chosen to run their ad campaigns. The client didn’t understand the complex reporting and stats they were receiving and didn’t feel they were getting the service they expected; they just wanted to see if the Ads were increasing inbound calls and brand awareness.

Like many businesses, they were frustrated at spending money on digital advertising and being unable to identify the benefits or return on investment, and they wanted to change that.

Having worked with Anthony John Salons since they set the business up, helping them with their brand, website, social pages, signage and promotional materials, workwear, posters, brochures & leaflets, we were now being asked to help with digital marketing.

Our Solution

Firstly, we reviewed their previous ad campaign. With an in-depth understanding of Anthony John Salons as a business and the lifetime value of their client base, we could see gaps in the campaign where improvements could be made to bring real sales benefit to the bottom line.

The client’s goal for the new campaign moving forward was to increase inbound calls and reduce cost of acquisition.

To increase the conversion rate of the Ads we looked at the website page the clicks would take potential customers to, to see if and how we could increase the opportunity created from the ads to convince and convert those that clicked. This step is typically ignored by other digital advertising providers. We proposed changes to the website to help with conversions, then once confirmed we added the new copy and calls to action to align with the campaign.

Within days of implementing a search campaign the client was receiving calls, with the added benefit of being able to listen to the calls from customers and use the content for staff training. This call recording feature also allowed Anthony John Salons to see how well the Ads were working.

Google Display Ads

In addition to Google Search Ads, we also created & implemented a targeted Google Display Network (GDN) campaign including Gmail Ads, which enabled us to promote the brand in over 30 women’s interest websites within a targeted 10 mile radius of the salon to ladies who frequent luxury hair salons.

This was a new element that was not utilised by the previous ad company. The brand is a high value brand, so we had to be careful not to de-value their brand positioning in their sector with the style and messaging of the ads.

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The Result

A planned, targeted and managed, clever digital advertising campaign that has increased traffic to Anthony John Salons’ website by 31.23%.

Generated 48 new phone calls, 50 new clients, and 29 lead enquiries from their website. The details captured from the website contact form are warm leads that can be retargeted to convert them to customers.

Reduced the overall cost of new client acquisition and provided a better return on investment than their previous provider had obtained.

Intelligence gained during the campaign also enabled future business and marketing planning.

“I have always used The Marketing People for my web, graphics & marketing but didn't realise they also did digital marketing.
Before we started, they reviewed all the data from my existing ads campaign, explained everything to me and presented the potential ads to achieve my objectives. The outcome of increased sales and reduced cost per lead by over 50% per client was better than expected.

A real benefit for me is the call recording The Marketing People offered as part of the campaign, enabling me to review our calls process, educate the team and improve customer service and retention. Unlike my last advertising company, who only supplied me with an Excel spreadsheet with stats which meant nothing to me, and I never saw the ads. I wasn't sure what they were doing.

The Marketing People Ads team produced bi-weekly campaign videos which summarised the results, making it quicker and easier for me to understand, as a non-techy person.

If you're reading this and need help in getting more sales, you will be in great hands with TMP, give them a call, I highly recommend them.

Thanks again, guys.”