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Implementation of a group company structure, a new & improved brand and various marketing &
sales tools to enable the business to grow.

The Client

Big Moose Housing is a residential and commercial property development
company, specialising in buy and hold investments.

Big Moose Housing Old Logo

The Challenge

Our client came to us after several years’ successful trading, ready to take the business to the next level, but unsure how to.

Our challenge was to create the systems and presence to allow scalability and growth of the residential and commercial property and development portfolio.

More specifically, our client wanted to identify and secure good quality property purchases on a monthly basis to begin with, then on a weekly basis. They wanted to continuously accumulate stock to refurbish, and increase value and rental yield, refinancing and holding.

Our Solution

Marketing & Business Consultancy

We had several marketing consultations with our client, which allowed us to establish exactly who Big Moose Housing was, where they were at the time and where they wanted their business to be.

Our meetings enabled us to understand their key business objectives:

  • Establish a brand and market themselves effectively to compete with national homebuyers.
  • Develop the correct copy and messaging to enable consistent touchpoints in the business (particularly when employing other team members), and to act as sales tools.
  • Be the ‘go-to’ for people who will accept cash for properties for a quick sale.
  • Grow their portfolio of discounted BMV properties

These outputs led the way for the projects we would undertake to achieve these goals.

Company Structure

Originally, Big Moose Housing was a single company responsible for the construction, trading, tenants and investor elements of the business.

We established the need to separate these as individual business offerings within a group structure. Not only would this new structure protect the businesses and their assets, it would also allow each business to have its own identity, showcasing them as specialists in the sector and maintaining credibility.

We worked with the client to create the following group company structure, then implemented it once it was legally and financially viable.



Next, we developed suitable names for all four businesses.

Following our proven process, we were able to create a name for each company that was original, uncomplicated and memorable, intelligent in its meaning that isn’t too direct, and representative of the services offered.

The new names positioned the businesses correctly in their sectors, enabling us and the client to develop the brand and its relevance to clients quickly and effectively.


Utilising all the research outputs of the naming conventions, we then followed our process for developing a unique Brand ID for each company.

From font selection and spacing, to creating the styles, looking at the relevance of symbols and producing the colour ways, the final output was four fit-for-purpose brands that sit well within each of the sectors and portray the companies effectively, moving forward in today’s marketplace and client base.

LAR Construction branding logo

Website Design

Our client required a website for Money For Your House to promote their step-by-step process of buying properties quickly for cash, and to encourage valuation bookings.

To do this, we designed and developed a responsive website that is easy to navigate, with graphics to simplify their 5-step process, calls to action to generate valuations, and informative yet concise content to demonstrate their value proposition.

Before the website went live we provided our client with blog training, enabling them to regularly update the content on the site – great for SEO purposes, and to showcase their expertise in their field.

Money for your house mobile, tablet and desktop view

Landing pages

BM Holdings, LAR Construction and Habitans Lettings all required a landing page to begin with.

We created all three pages with a clean and professional design, clearly outlining their offering and contact details.

We will work with the client to develop these pages into websites in due course.

Digital Marketing

Our client told us the goal for their Money For Your House digital advertising campaign was to drive brand awareness and valuation requests in very competitive areas in and around Stoke on Trent.

We started by targeting people in these areas looking for certain keywords for the text search ads, which generated 12 visits to the Book a Valuation page.

The display ads focused on targeting people who need to sell their home faster than the average four month time scale on the open market. These ads reached 60,341 people and got 333 people directly to the website.

We have also been running video ads, to retarget those visitors who had engaged with the brand, to take them through to the next steps with Money For Your House.


Our SEO efforts are focused on improving the visibility of the Money For Your House website. We’ve done this through a variety of methods using technical, on page and off page SEO techniques.

The first step was ensuring the website was structured correctly for search engines to index correctly. We then offered recommendations for targeted keyword areas that were quick wins, that the client could focus on.

Recommendations were also made for blogs and how to structure these correctly within outbound links to authoritative brands within the relevant sector.

seo statistics site audit

seo stats 2

Graphic Design


Our client needed branded stationery for each of the companies to present the businesses effectively and professionally at all touchpoints.

Applying the brand and developing the style, we created a clean design across all stationery elements.

Social Graphics

To increase brand visibility, our client understood the importance of creating and managing social pages for each of the companies.

We created high-quality social graphics for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to ensure that the professional brand was consistent across all points of contact.

E-mail Signature

We designed and applied an e-mail signature for BM Holdings, so that all correspondence with current and potential investors was strictly professional.

Graphics – Illustrations – Icons

Graphics were used extensively throughout the Money For Your House website to help display their process in a simple, easy-to-follow visual. We created the eye-catching, transferrable design, with engaging icons to represent each step.

Promotional Leaflet

In order for our client to grow their portfolio of discounted properties, and to be seen as the ‘go-to’ for quick, cash sales, we worked with them to design a promotional leaflet aimed specifically at the target market for Money For Your House.

We wrote the copy, key messages and calls to action before applying the graphics from the website and creating an attractive and informative design.

print production

Print, Production & Fulfilment

Following the initial concept and design of the stationery elements for all four companies, plus the promotional leaflet for Money For Your House, we then managed the print and fulfilment of these.

All elements were produced on high quality stock, with a quick turnaround for our client.

copywriting icon


Our client is extremely knowledgeable in their sector, however they were struggling to convey their key messages effectively to potential leads and customers.

We helped create the copy for the Money For Your House website and promotional leaflet, plus the landing pages for the other three companies, to get all the information across in an informative and succinct manner, and to encourage the desired call to action(s).

With the blog training, we educated our client to understand how quality content can help with brand reputation and we continue to work with them to improve how they rank for their keywords.


We have used video for remarketing purposes with our client.

Capturing the data of those who had engaged with the Money For Your House digital advertising campaign and subsequently visited the website, our client was able to run video ads specifically targeted at getting those leads further along the sales funnel.

big moose housing video youtube

The Result

Our client now has a group company structure which ringfences all of the companies within it, plus strong brand visibility within the area.

His brand and positioning has enabled him to sit alongside and above many of his competitors, not only in the local area, but nationally.

The website, promotional leaflet and advertising are all effective sales tools, and all touchpoints of all four businesses represent the companies in a professional manner.

Following the work The Marketing People has done with Big Moose Housing, our client now has clarity on where they want to be, and what they need to do to achieve that. They are now in a position to substantially grow their property portfolio and achieve their business objectives.

"The team at the marketing people have been fantastic from the initial consultation all the way through to product delivery. They did not operate just as a marketing agency but also helped with my business structure, plan and helped me gain clarity on what it was I wanted to achieve. I look forward to continuing and growing our relationship as my business grows."