Burntwood & District CFRs: Brand, stationery & exhibition stand

Client: Burntwood & District Community First Responders (CFRs)

The Burntwood & District CFRs are a group of volunteers who respond to emergency calls on behalf of the West Midlands Ambulance Service. They are able to arrive at the scene and begin treating the patient before the ambulance arrives.

The brief: design a leaflet and exhibition stand to help them raise money

The Burntwood & District CFRs asked us to design an exhibition stand and leaflet for a fundraising event at Veolia.

All their equipment comes from public donation so fundraising is essential.

The goal was to raise money for a new rapid response car, as their existing one had over 102,000 miles on the clock.

What we did: brand, stationery, leaflet and exhibition stand


When they first approached us The Burntwood & District CFRs had no brand. This made it impossible to create marketing material which would help them.

Through it wasn’t part of the brief, we followed our trusted branding process to create a clean and recognisable brand. The branding process also helped identify key messages we could use later on the leaflet and exhibition stand.


Branded marketing material can have a big effect on how people view an organisation. To position the CFRs as professional, we designed branded letterheads, stickers and certificates.

Leaflet & exhibition stand

To create a leaflet and exhibition stand that encouraged donations, we started by developing a wireframe. This allows us to plan where branding, key messages and imagery should go. Once approved, we moved on to creative design and handling the printing process.


The Burntwood & District CFRs are now positioned as a professional organisation. Their brand also gives them a good platform to build on with future marketing material.

The Veolia fundraising event was successful and they raised over £950 towards their new rapid response car.
Further fundraising events helped them raise enough money for a new car, which they launched in May 2014 with the help of Hugh Grant.