Funky Wunky Doo Dahs

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A rebrand, new and improved website and design of promotional material to better position our client in the market and enable them to reach more customers and grow in the Staffordshire region.

The Client

FunkyWunkyDooDahs offer a bespoke made-to-measure interior design service, supply items and help with project management from designing to decorating and fitting.

Their website additionally sells a selection of furniture, lighting and accessories direct to customers.

Funky Wunky Doo Dahs logo before working with The Marketing People

The Challenge

FunkyWunkyDooDahs’ brand ID, logo and market positioning was not clear and needed improvement. The client’s existing branding was not effectively representing the character and personality the brand itself holds.

FunkyWunkyDooDahs’ website was not fulfilling its potential as it was not easy for customers to navigate around the site, nor was it mobile or tablet friendly which often put off potential clients.

Our client wanted to express the uniqueness of FunkyWunkyDooDahs without looking like an outcast to the marketplace. Our client also visioned for the website to emphasise their bespoke service offered and show off the departments of the home to which FunkyWunkyDooDahs cater for.

Our Solution

Marketing & Business Consultancy

The marketing consultations were a vital part to understand FunkyWunkyDooDahs’ business objectives and visions for their ideal position in the marketplace.

By analysing the current marketplace, we could see the existing branding was not representing FunkyWunkyDooDahs effectively.

The fun and fashionable nature of the brand name did not match the existing logo or website format, therefore, we agreed with the client to create a new brand ID to better suit the personality of the brand and design a website reflecting this.


When our client first contacted us, they lacked strong and obvious branding, and the old logo did not represent the character or personality the company name ‘FunkyWunkyDooDahs’ holds.

Their branding should represent the high-quality bespoke service FunkyWunkyDooDahs offers, with the aim of increasing sales and brand awareness in mind.

Funky Wunky Doo Dahs logo before working with The Marketing People

To help communicate this message we focused on creating a new Brand ID logo that perfectly balanced the need to appropriately fit within the market space and the need to match the tone and personality of the brand name.

The new branding was representative of FunkyWunkyDooDahs’ ethos and personality whilst retaining a professional and sleek edge.

Funky Wunky Doo Dahs new logo designed by The Marketing People

By establishing FunkyWunkyDooDahs’ tone of voice and positioning we could create an effective brand that is right for the market.

We used a font with personality for the brand name and used more of a serious font for the strapline to anchor the brand.

Our client loves the new logo and now the business is much more appropriately positioned in the marketplace, raising its profile against competitors.

Website Design

When FunkyWunkyDooDahs first came to us their website was outdated, not aesthetically pleasing and not very user-friendly (particularly not mobile friendly).

We improved the website design to help increase brand awareness for their physical store in Stafford and to give FunkyWunkyDooDahs a strong online presence.

The professional service of interior design was also clearly promoted on the website, to encourage customers to use FunkyWunkyDooDahs interior design service as well as buying furniture from their shop.

Funky Wunky Doo Dahs website before consulting with The Marketing People

Funky Wunky Doo Dahs new and responsive website. Mobile and tablet ready, built by The Marketing People

After gathering market research and all the information from the initial consultations, we were able to scope the website and determine the most logical and user-friendly website mapping.

The drop-down menus on the homepage were rephrased to guide customers around the website with ease and concisely explain FunkyWunkyDooDahs offerings.

Not only has the website improved in terms of better SEO, better design and improved usability, the website is now fully mobile and tablet compatible which helps attract and engage with even more customers.

Graphic Design


To apply the new branding at all touchpoints of the business, we created a range of stationery designs. Providing FunkyWunkyDooDahs with branded stationery was essential to the professionalism of their future communications with customers.

The stationery included letterheads, compliment slips and business cards, all created to feature the new branding and logo.

Professional stationery designed for Funky Wunky Doo Dahs by The Marketing People

print production

Print, Production & Fulfilment

Paid Advertisements

Our client wanted to spread the news about their new branding so paid for advertising in a local magazine.

We created the advertisement and wrote the copy to help FunkyWunkyDooDahs promote their new branding and help build awareness of their shop.

We ensured the key messages were delivered in line with the brand tone and new positioning.

Advertisements created and designed for Funky Wunnky Doo Dahs by The Marketing People

The Result

FunkyWunkyDooDahs now has a brand that reflects their brand values perfectly and stands FunkyWunkyDooDahs strongly in the marketplace amongst and above their local competitors. The brand has been applied to all existing touchpoints of the business to ensure unity and professionalism across the brand.

From the website improvement, our client saw a huge increase in interior design service interest. This also led to an increase in sales of the furniture available at FunkyWunkyDooDahs and the two factors had a positive effect on one another; the more customers paying for the interior design service, the more furniture was sold.