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Brand positioning and strapline creation. New website designed to increase awareness as a leading international business, engage with existing and potential clients, and showcase their services and products.

The Client

Ginho is a specialist manufacturer of precision castings and components for various sectors, with expertise in the automotive industry. All manufacturing, global services, and logistics are managed through their global offices, with their European head office in the UK.

Ginho Group Logo

The Challenge

Ginho approached us because they recognised their existing marketing was not in line with or supported their capabilities or offerings. Their existing branding and website failed to present them as a global, leading castings and logistics organisation.

Looking to increase lead generation and sales, Ginho felt restricted by an outdated website that did not clearly show customers the expertise and benefits they had to offer.

Our Solution

Marketing Consultancy

When we first met with Ginho, it was essential to understand their business requirements, goals, and overall objectives, understand their sales cycle, target markets, and customers to determine a strategy.

Following initial consultations, we agreed to develop Ginho's brand positioning and strapline to provide all stakeholders with a clear brand direction and purpose, which would then be applied to everything moving forward.

Ginho’s website is a key touchpoint in their business and having a user-friendly, professional, and engaging design is essential. Therefore, we agreed to create, design, and build a new fit-for-purpose website.



Following our marketing consultations and researching how Ginho compares to their competitors, looking at their unique offerings, identifying their point of difference, and brand values we created an appropriate brand positioning statement for Ginho.

From the above, we created a strapline that encompassed Ginho’s overall benefit in a straightforward statement: “Value in Everything”.

Website Design

When our client first approached us, their website was basic, outdated, and did not effectively showcase the expertise and high-quality products Ginho provides each of their customers.

After initial marketing consultations, we worked with Ginho to scope, design, and develop a modern and refreshing website that displays their services in a sophisticated and professional manner, reflecting their newly established brand positioning.

Ginho provides a vast number of top-quality components and castings yet their old website was not clearly telling customers their capabilities or how this can be used in a potential customer’s business. We ensured the new website would be more engaging and easier for customers to navigate around.

We worked in collaboration with Ginho at each stage of the website development to ensure all the information was correct and assisted them by ensuring the website copy appeals to a vast range of target audiences.

In-depth scoping and analysis informed the arrangement of the website to ensure the effective presentation of information. This helped make it clear and concise for customers to reach relevant sections of the website quickly. As Ginho operates and manufactures across the globe amongst a variety of sectors, it was important for the website to show the flexibility of application their products have in various sectors.

The blog and case studies section on Ginho’s website was added to allow them to share company and industry updates and their previous work with new and potential customers.

Ginho new and responsive website. Mobile and tablet ready, built by The Marketing People


Video Production

Video is a great way to show different avenues of Ginho’s business and operations across their global network.

We repurposed, edited, and recreated a video to be used on Ginho’s home page. It helps give a quick and simple overview of their services, capabilities, and industry expertise.

For visual learners, videos are a great way to communicate information that may be missed if only in paragraphs.

Graphic Design

Website Images & Graphics

For some elements of the Ginho website, graphic design was required. Our in-house team created, edited, and supplied a range of images and diagrams for the new website.

The new images were sourced in line with the new Brand ID and website design to help showcase the expertise and specialism Ginho held in certain sectors, for example, automotive solutions.

We also created made-to-measure branded graphics for Ginho's social media profile and for employees to use across LinkedIn.

Graphic design by The Marketing People

Paid Advertisements

Our client often features in various magazine advertisements and moving forward, it was essential that future advertisements now matched Ginho's new sleek and professional website.

We designed, created, and wrote the copy for Ginho’s advertisements to help promote their services, capabilities, and expertise in the industry.

It was important to ensure the key messages were delivered in line with Ginho’s values, brand tone, and new positioning statement.

Graphic design and advertisements created by The Marketing People

Sales Presentation

We produced two branded presentation documents for Ginho, to be used as sales tools when engaging in new/potential client contracts across the business.

Employees can download the presentation documents and amend the information to be personalised to each client meeting but is styled in line with the brand positioning and tone of Ginho’s new website.

This enables Ginho to look professional, knowledgeable, and confident during sales pitches, which positively contributes towards closing new deals.

Creating a sales tool presentation for ginho to use when selling to new and potential clients

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic way to connect with existing customers and reach out to potential new ones too.

We have supported Ginho by setting up and monitoring their email distribution account using Mailchimp. Our services include composing and designing emails, creating eye-catching graphics, and writing engaging copy. By working closely alongside our client, we could ensure the right messages were being delivered to the right customers.

copywriting icon


As the client’s old website was outdated and was not providing enough information that showcased Ginho’s offering and capabilities, we needed to improve some of the copy on the new website.

We worked with our client to produce engaging copy throughout the website, some provided by the client and some written by ourselves.

We worked closely with staff including Managing Directors, and at times they were busy with other business duties to be providing copy. In these situations, we could easily step in and produce finishing touches for the required copy.

The Result

Ginho now has a modern, informative, and easy-to-navigate website that sets them in line with, and above their competitors. Their new brand ID and positioning statement features continuously throughout the website and remind customers of their mission to add Value in Everything.

The development of Ginho’s new website will allow them to reach more customers across the UK and globally. New customers to Ginho's website can now easily access the information they require from the website and can fully understand the extent of Ginho’s capabilities.