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Implementation of a group company structure, new name & brand and website, to enable the client to represent their expanding service offering, and increase partnerships with national housebuilders.

The Client

Innovative Design & Planning is a development consultancy, specialising in housing schemes designs for residential and commercial needs.

ID planning logo

The Challenge

The client came to us at a crucial stage in their business development plan.

Innovative Design & Planning is a well-respected company in the industry, having long-term contracts with many national housebuilders. Our client was ready to extend the offering of the company and came to us to help with effectively presenting this expansion.

The client also had a vision to change the housing market, to help more people get on the property ladder, with no clear path to achieve this.

Our Solution

Marketing Consultancy

We had several marketing consultations with our client, to establish who ID Planning were, what they offered at the time, what services they wanted to provide and where they wanted the business to go.

It helped us understand their vision to make housing more attainable for people, and this would be the driving force behind all projects we would undertake.

Company Structure

ID Planning, as a known specialist service provider in its sector, were looking to provide additional services to its offering; these included land acquisition, planning, design, development and contracts.

Following our research, meetings, consultations and confirmations of the proposed offering and target audiences, we proposed a group company structure to our client and also presented to their solicitors and accountants for review and validation.

In our meeting with the key partners, we confirmed that the structure ringfenced all companies and their assets, was legally and financially viable, and fit-for-purpose within the sector.

Upon agreement, the holding company structure was implemented.



Firstly, the holding, land and home companies all needed naming.

The contracts company comes as part of the overall vision to change the housing market, and will be considered at a later stage, once the other companies are all in place and the time is right.

We followed our proven process to create the three new company names. All of the names are original and unique, memorable, have little to no competition, and have intelligence in their meaning in relation to the services each company provides and in what sector.

The homes company is ready to go to market with its name and brand at a later date.

It was now time to consider if ID Planning’s current name and brand were viable, as the company had grown and developed considerably over the years. After our research, it was agreed with the client that the best course of action would be to rename and rebrand the company, to be in-line with the other companies within the group, and to reflect the services they now offered.


As well as naming the companies, we also developed a brand positioning statement and strapline for each. We considered the operating sector, target audience, key offering and competitors of each business, to create a high-level positioner, followed by a suitable strapline.


Utilising the outputs of the naming conventions and the positioning statements, next we created a Brand ID for each company which aligned itself with the businesses’ benefits, services and target audience.

Looking at font selection, spacing and the relevance of symbols, whilst considering the overall style and how it complements the sectors in which the companies sit, we created the brands and produced the colour ways for each.

Please note that we are unable to share the brands for the homes and contracts company at this time. We continue to work closely with our client and look forward to going to market with these in the near future.

Website Design

Our client required two websites to begin with: Lambert Bradley and Consillium.

Lambert Bradley’s website is a clean design with a simple navigation structure for ease of use. We worked with the client to create clear, concise copy and calls to action to generate enquiries, alongside visuals that simplify their process, and images to convey their friendly approach to land acquisition.

Lambert Bradley website with mobile, tablet and desktop view

The Consillium site is a more corporate design, and is more complex in its structure. We helped our client to categorise the vast services they offer into key areas, for ease of understanding, then clearly segmented them on the site and incorporated the Brand ID mark across all sections. We also worked with them on the content, crafting the key messaging and calls to action to encourage visitors to contact them.

Before the websites went live, we provided our client with blog training, enabling them access to the sites to update content whenever they have any news, or any knowledge they wish to share online.

Graphic Design


ROCAL Holdings, Consillium and Lambert Bradley are all extremely unique in their offering, their vision, their positioning and how they want to portray themselves to investors, partners, customers, suppliers and contractors.

It was essential that each company had branded stationery to present themselves professionally at all touchpoints.

The stationery was developed in-line with all previous discussions, briefs and consultations, to ensure that we created a fit-for-purpose design for all core stationery elements.

rocal stationary - letterhead, business card and compliments slip
lambert bradley letterhead, business card and compliments slip

Graphics – Illustrations – Icons

Lambert Bradley’s website relied heavily on graphics to simplify how the company works. We created the step-by-step visual, along with accompanying icons to represent each stage of the process.

print production

Print, Production & Fulfilment

As well as the creative design of the stationery, we also managed the production of core stationery elements for the companies, plus additional business cards as more team members came on board.

All stationery was printed to the highest quality, with a fast turnaround for the client.

copywriting icon



We helped the client to create the copy for both the Lambert Bradley and Consillium sites.

Our process of scoping the websites enabled us to confirm the key areas of content required, then we advised them along the way to ensure their copy was engaging and convinced visitors to get in touch.


From our marketing consultations, research outputs and work on the positioning statements for each of the companies, our client was able to write copy that aligned itself with the brand, and encouraged the desired calls to actions.

Our work helped them focus on where they were going to be, what they offer and who they are looking attract, enabling them to create corporate presentations that were specifically targeted at the audience, whether it be their internal teams, external investors or clients or partners.

The Result

Our client now has a holding company structure to protect the individual companies and their assets, plus a clear distinction between what services they provide.

Consillium is representative of how ID Planning has developed over the years, and isn’t restrictive in its ability to expand further. They continue to work with existing national housebuilders, and are now looking at expanding their partnerships.

Lambert Bradley is actively working with landowners all over the UK, continually acquiring and maximising the client’s potential of the land.

The work we have done so far with the client sets the foundations for them to achieve their overall vision of helping more people get on the property ladder. Once the time is right and this information is made public, we can’t wait to share their success with you.

“We've been working with the team for a while now and we’re incredibly pleased with their dedication, efficiency and professionalism. They've become an integral part of our team and we couldn't recommend them highly enough.”