Mawson Floors Responsive Website

Client: Mawson Floors

Mawson Floors are a Burntwood-based business who supply and fit carpets, vinyl’s, and floorcoverings in the Burntwood, Lichfield, Cannock, and Staffordshire area for both domestic and commercial customers.

The brief: a responsive website

We built Mawson Floors’ first website back in 2006, so a refresh was long overdue, especially now that customers and search engines expect a responsive website.

The existing website was still providing some leads, but Mawson Floors weren’t happy with it as it now didn’t represent them effectively. Many things had changed over more recent years in respect of their offering and customers’ requirements, and while considering responsive design it was an opportunity to re position and improve Mawson Floors online presence.

What we did: web, content, design and development

Although we know the client well, we still held a meeting to find out what they wanted and to find out if anything fundamental had changed in the business that we needed to take into account.

Their existing website was still performing well for them in search engines and generating leads. We discussed their client base, target audience and reviewed the current content on the site with them. It became clear that the types of projects and materials used had changed along with the now services offered by Mawson Floors.

As part of our services we worked out the required elements, statements and positioning copy required and with the client created the content that would be presented on the website.

Next step was to create a site plan, to ensure that the user journey and navigational structure were effective and presented the content in context and in line with their target audience requirements and included a blog along with social links.

From the agreed web design site plan we developed the page wireframes to plan and show how the pages would look as responsive website showing the difference between desk top and hand help devices. On agreement with Mawson Floors, we developed the graphical design for the website and pages to the agreed design and moved forward with the actual responsive development and implementation.

Training was given to Mawson Floors to update areas of content within the website and we also provided blogging and social training to ensure the client could capitalise on the new website and the tools they had access to.


Mawson Floors now have a simple, easy to use responsive website with as blog to enable them to market effectively while managing updates, although we have agreed that they will review with us prior to any major changes to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

If you’re interested in making your website more user friendly, and potentially increasing conversions, why not visit our Responsive Web Design & Development Page to see how we could help, and book in for a free website consultation.

Mawson Floors website montage