Quality Care Training Manuals

Client: Quality Care

Quality Care provide care services at their four complexes throughout the East Midlands for those with autistic spectrum disorder learning disabilities.

The brief: a branded training manual & document folders

We were asked to compile and design a branded staff training manual which Quality Care could give to their trainers and trainees.

They also asked us to design training folders for their Baden Powell centre, using the information, copy and ideas they provided us with, for keeping information and training sheets about the day to day life skills they teach at the Baden Powell Centre. Additionally, the folder needed to allow space for them to insert a DVD and headphones in the folder.

What we did: compilation, design, artwork and print

Training manual

After receiving the training manual, we edited it, added content pages where necessary, formatted it, and compiled the manual into a master PDF.

We then apWe then applied the branding and designed the front cover. Once this was complete, we proofread the manual, and organised printing and delivery.


Document folder

Quality Care provided us with draft copy and an idea of what they wanted the folder to look like. Using their copy and ideas, we designed and created artwork for the folder, allowing spaces for a cut out where they wanted to insert headphones and DVD.

The design stage including creating the illustration for the back of the folder, and searching for imagery to ensure all images were high quality and of a similar style.

In addition to designing the folder, we refined the Baden Powell brand to make it look more professional, and to ensure it looked as good as possible when it was printed.

Finally, we produced print ready artwork and handled printing and delivery.


Quality Care now have branded and easy to use training manuals and documents, which allow their staff and residents to easily access information they need.

The quality and presentation of internal documents, and sometimes customer-facing documents, is often overlooked. It’s important to put as much effort into documents that staff and customers receive as you do documents for potential customers.

Well-designed, branded documents can improve staff morale, make staff and customers feel like they are valued, makes them feel like you are organised and have everything under control.