Rancom Responsive Website

Client: Rancom Security

Rancom Security offer comprehensive monitored security systems to homes nationwide with key holder, emergency service and police response along with servicing and maintenance to help their customers keep their home, their family, and belongings safe & Secure.

The brief: a responsive website

Following a rebrand, we were asked to create and develop a responsive website for Rancom Security. While the website was under development, we also developed a landing page to give potential and existing customers somewhere to download Rancom Security’s brochure, and to provide them with any contact details they might need.

What we did: web design and development


Using our information we gathered in the name and brand project we scoped out the website requirements, what exactly is the website for, what actual function/s must it perform for the business and its users. What functional and technical elements would have to be included to achieve the objectives? The user journey, ease of navigation, SEO and social elements that would need to be included.

Site plan

A site plan showing the user journey and the pages and content areas along with links and where data would be captured along with forms and emails that would be included was produced for agreement.
From agreement of the site plan we developed the page wireframes to show how the key pages would function and where content, images, quick links and key interactions would appear on the pages.

Responsive design

When you are planning a responsive website, you need to consider how things will move, work, and scale down for smaller and hand held screens. It’s important to consider this to make sure that information is displayed in the correct order. Form the wireframes we created the responsive view wireframes to show the difference between a planned approach to responsive rather than just make an existing website technically responsive, allowing the software to determine how things are displayed, what order they appear in and how this effects the mobile users experience.


Working with Rancom Security client facing and technical staff, and utilising our existing understanding of their customer base and offering (ref brand project) we created, wrote and collated the key messages and copy for the website.

Visual design

Following the wireframes we graphically designed the pages of the website to prove the concept and actual page flow and context, ensuring we were making people do what we wanted them to do and made it feel like their own choice.

Website development.

Using the agreed siteplan and related agreed technical and functional spec, the wireframes for the responsive design and user journey and following the agreed in brand visual style we developed the website and blog. Tested the site ongoing during development and managed the SEO elements.

Interim landing page

In this case, it was suggested and agreed that based on the businesses particular requirements that a web landing page would be created while the main site was being developed. We designed and developed the landing page based on the agreed web site above and included key contact details, download of brochure function – (we had created the brochure while developing the website copy etc) contact form and overall positioning to enable any potential customers to get the key information they needed, and the client the ability to still gain contact details etc while the website was in development.


The result was a branded, responsive website to enable any device to be presented with the key messages in a user friendly and business focussed way. Key messages and positioning to be clear and easily accessible. The responsive website represents Rancom Security effectively and in line with all other marketing and communications material while assisting the sales function in the business as required.

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