Rancom Security branding

Client: Rancom Security

Rancom Security are a nationwide company who offer domestic customers a comprehensive monitored security system and emergency and police response at competitive prices in line with well-known competitive providers. Their systems are in line with today’s customer requirements and advanced functions & technology. With recent updates and improvements to internal systems, processes & accreditations including Which? trusted trader they were looking to ensure they presented the company accordingly to their target market, increase market share and compete effectively.

The brief: name and brand

Rancom Security felt that their existing brand did not position them effectively, looked old and uninspiring to today’s savvy customers. Their updated offering along with the internal updates to processes, training and sales were not reflected accordingly in their current marketing and sales tools. With a realisation that their website and other marketing and sales tools would need changing to ensure they were future proofing their marketing we were tasked with developing their new name and business brand

What we did

Business / product service name.

Initial meeting with the business leaders to confirm and validate if indeed a re-name and re-brand were the best way to move forward and would answer the objective.

From that meeting it was agreed that the below initial stages would be undertaken.

  • Pre marketing - Consultation, strategy, planning including the below:
  • Their customers – typical customer, their wants and needs
  • Their business – the business goals and objectives, their ethos, their processes
  • Their products & services – their point of difference, USP’s, overall offering
  • Their competitors – review competition comparisons

Having a thorough understanding of their requirements, customers, business offering and competitors along with the clients initial ideas, we were able to utilise our proven internal naming convention process to develop a fit for purpose new business name that reflects a larger nationwide company, sounds reliable and established, confident and up to date. Checking companies’ house, domain registers and other associated areas to confirm any developing potential names and required urls etc were not already in use or would prove to cause potential copyright/ trade mark issues.

The above resulted in the chosen name ‘Rancom Security’, which when broken down stands for: Reliable Affordable National Comprehensive Onsite Monitoring - & Security.

Brand ID

With all of the knowledge and understanding gathered in the initial consultations and the naming project we were able to create a Brand ID and the logo using our proven process. The style, fonts, colours along with the symbol used in this case were developed from concepts and fine-tuned to create a unique and appropriate brand that answered the requirements and brief above.

The new brand was then applied to the stationery, letterheads, compliment slips, and business cards and smart emails as the initial stage of application to give an in context view and of course provide the essential items that would carry the brand.


The result is more than just a name and logo, a brand that presents and positions Rancom Security as a professional, competitive, nationwide security provider.

We were asked to create on screen presentations for both the directors & the marketing people to present to the staff the reason, the rationale, the key points of the research & processes we went through to develop the new brand and its attributes to ensure a full understanding.

The research and development provided us with the key messages and attributes of the brand that enabled the internal team to really understand the business and work collectively to communicate the brand and its offering effectively both internally and externally.

Moving forward, the name and brand provided the tone and style which could be applied to all required touch points and elements in the marketing, sales & customer journey.

Following the completion of the successful naming and branding project, we were asked to apply the brand to the required elements including:

To find out more about how you can utilise your current brand more effectively, or if required create a new brand to ensure you stay ahead of your competition and provide the right tools to your customers and sales teams, please get in touch, we love helping our clients achieve more.