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A rebrand, new website and various internal and external sales & marketing tools to present the business professionally and enable them to compete and grow as a nationwide security provider.

The Client

Rancom Security is a nationwide home security company, offering a monitored security, medical, fire and emergency response.

The Challenge

Rancom Security approached us as they felt their existing brand did not position them effectively.

Following improvements to internal processes, training and sales, the acquisition of accreditations, and an updated offering, these changes in the business were not reflected accordingly in their marketing and sales tools.

Our client wanted to present the business professionally to their target audience, increase market share and compete effectively with other home security companies.

Our Solution

Marketing Consultancy

Our initial marketing consultations enabled us to understand Rancom’s internal processes, their current communications and existing marketing strategy.

The meetings validated that their name and brand were no longer viable, and that this would be the first project we would undertake, to lay the foundations for all other sales and marketing tools.

marketing consultancy rancom security brand



From our consultations and information gathered, we had a thorough understanding of our client’s customers, business offering, their products and services, and their competitors.

Following our proven naming convention process, we developed a fit-for-purpose name that reflects a larger nationwide company and sounds reliable and established, yet modern. Checking Companies House, domain registers and search engines results ensured the name had no competition.

The chosen name, Rancom Security, stands for Reliable Affordable National Comprehensive Onsite Monitoring Security.


With all of the knowledge and understanding gathered in the initial consultations and the naming convention, we were able to create a Brand ID and the logo, using our proven process.

The style, fonts and colours, along with the symbol used in this case, were developed from concepts and fine-tuned to create a unique and appropriate brand that answered the requirements and brief, in line with Rancom’s business objectives.

rancom branding logo

We were asked if we would present the new Brand with the directors to their staff. Explaining the reason and rationale behind the rename and rebrand, this enabled their teams to understand the overall strategy for the business moving forward, and how they could use the tools created to collectively communicate the brand and its offering effectively at all touch points.

Web Design

Rancom Security now has a branded, responsive website that represents the company effectively, in line with all other marketing and communications materials. It also assists the sales function in the business, as required.

In the interim, we designed and developed a landing page including key contact details, downloadable brochure function, contact form and overall positioning, to enable any potential customers to get the key information they needed, and the client the ability to still gain contact details while the website was in development.

Our client’s website is their main business acquisition tool. We used graphic design and copywriting to clearly outline their key services and business offering, and calls to action to encourage visitors to book assessments.

rancom animated

Professional photography was used to highlight their target audience, and the FAQs section was implemented for a positive user journey. The Blog feature allows our client to update people on their latest news and services, whilst providing vital security information.

Since the website was first developed, we have made updates to content and design, in line with their expanding offering. We have also added forms to the website for various online submissions, to streamline internal processes and reduce their carbon footprint.

Graphic Design


The new brand was then applied to the stationery elements, including letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, note pads and envelopes as the initial stage of application.

rancom stationary

Security ID Cards & E-mail Signature

We created ID cards for all security personnel who visited customers, so it was essential to clearly display their details, photo, Rancom brand and company details for customer’s quick and easy reference.

We also retouched the photos supplied to us, to give a professional, bright and clear image of the visiting member of the Rancom team.

We created e-mail signatures for key members of staff, so the new brand was carried across all communications.

email signature and security pass

Internal Paperwork

Our client’s marketing strategy focused on improving both internal and external communications. This ensured the business was presented professionally at all touch points, and boosted employee satisfaction & brand recognition.

Internal paperwork, including contracts, certificates, forms and checklists, was all re-designed, with the new brand applied.
We worked with the client to create the key messaging for all paperwork, before developing an attractive and suitable design to suit.

rancom internal paperwork

rancom new internal paperwork


Rancom Security has benefitted from many key sales tools, including brochures, flyers and leaflets.

Over the years we have created many different marketing materials for them, each time establishing what the client needs to say and who they need to say it to, to deliver against their goals.

Consultations with our client determined the objectives of each brochure, leaflet or flyer, then we combined graphic design with copywriting and photography to create a fit-for-purpose design that would encourage their target audience to complete a desired call to action.

rancom security brochure design


We have also applied the brand to workwear and staff ID cards, in keeping with the professional representation of the company at all points of contact.

rancom security workwear front
rancom workwear

Office Signage

Our client uses signage to act as a sales tool, and to provide a positive user experience.

Visiting the premises, we mapped out the journey existing and potential customers would have, and this gave us the brief for the project. We have worked out the business strategy and designed external and internal signage for our client, including car parking space signs, directional signage, notice boards and window stickers.

rancom security signage
rancom security directors and board room
signage 3

Stickers & Wall Plaques

We designed emergency panel stickers for displaying on Rancom’s Security System, as well as window stickers and wall plaques stating that the customer’s property was protected.

Clear and concise messaging and use of graphics were required for quick reference in an emergency or as a deterrent to would be trespassers.

rancom stickers and plaques artwork


Vehicle livery is another great sales tool, as you can advertise your business to everyone who sees you whilst driving around.

We designed and applied van livery for Rancom Security, making the most of the room to include key information, without overcrowding it for ease of reading.

rancom van livery

rancom van livery

On-Screen Presentations/Video

The output of our marketing consultations, and rename and rebrand projects, was a clear and cohesive representation of our client’s business, including their offering and target audience.

This information enabled us to create internal and external on-screen presentations for the client and visitors: a combination of slides, animations and videos were created and compiled to be used across the business for training, presentations and welcoming visitors.

Graphic design was used to attract and engage viewers, to allow the copy and key messages to convert leads into customers.

rancom tv presentation

print production

Print, Production & Fulfilment

Following the concept and design, we then produced the branded stationery for Rancom Security including business cards, letterheads, compliment slips and envelopes.

We produced all internal paperwork, promotional materials, signage and workwear, ensuring a high quality finish. We also handled the livery application in-house and managed the whole process.

Our expertise means that we can handle any print volume or specification, plus we are knowledgeable about which materials will help you maximise on your marketing collateral.

copywriting icon



Working with Rancom Security’s client-facing and technical staff, and utilising our existing understanding of their customer base and offering from our brand project, we created, wrote and collated the key messages and copy for the website.

As our client has an extensive business offering, it was important to clearly segment the content into sections for their various services, for ease of navigation, with a focus on key messages that explain the benefits to customers.

We have regularly updated their Blog page with engaging content on security updates and latest news features.


Our initial and ongoing marketing consultations enabled us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the client’s business, to allow us to create persuasive copy for various promotional brochures, flyers and leaflets, against specific business objectives.

On-Screen Presentations

From our work helping them to understand who they are, what they offer and who they want to be, we put together corporate presentations for our client.

From visitors’ welcome presentations to be displayed in reception, to board room presentations aimed at investors and partners, we wrote targeted copy for each to get across the key information and encourage desired calls to action.

The Result

Rancom Security now has a name and a brand that presents and positions the business as a professional, competitive, nationwide security provider.

This brand has been successfully applied across all internal and external communications, and all sales and marketing tools.
Rancom’s website and promotional collateral continue to generate regular enquiries – so much so that the company has expanded their team to cope with increased demand.

Our client now has a significant number of contracts and has built a reputation of excellent service and support, to enable the business to continually grow.

“As a national business providing all aspects of home security it is important that our partners are professional, cost effective, proactive and add value. I have found it a pleasure to be able to talk with David about business first, and then plan the related sales and marketing aspects knowing as a trusted advisor, he can add valuable input.

The planning and delivery of the many areas that the marketing people team provide means we don’t have to worry, that whatever is needed for external and internal communications will be created and delivered, quickly, correctly and as agreed.
Adding value to our in-house team’s efforts and requirements. Friendly, approachable, expert and do what they say, we see them as an extension of our business.”