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Improvement of existing branding and logo for Tildenet’s Geotextile product range and creation of new product packaging and display, supporting the client’s internal sales and marketing team at each stage.

The Client

Tildenet supply a wide range of products in the geotextiles and netting industry, one of their main channels to market for this product range is selling in large garden centres.

We worked alongside Tildenet’s internal sales and marketing team to support them when looking at their current packaging and display to create a more effective design perfect for selling products in stores.

Tildenet's logo

The Challenge

Our client’s primary objective is to increase sales and attract more customers, however, they were faced with the problem that Tildenet products were not attracting enough attention in the large stores they were sold.

Tildenet’s range of Geotextile products were new to the company when they acquired Fleximas, and the two separate brands were not delivering the same tone of voice or message. Our job was to encompass elements of the two brands and create suitable branding for the new product range.

By looking objectively at and researching Tildenet’s brand position in the market, we could offer improvements based upon research in line with our trusted three-stage marketing process.

Our Solution

Marketing & Business Consultancy

Our initial marketing consultations enabled us to understand Tildenet’s business requirements and goals. Understanding who Tildenet are and what they offer to their customers is a vital part of their future positioning in the market.

The pre-marketing stage and background research are key for providing intelligence to assist future decisions. Analysing the current market by looking to Tildenet’s competitors helped shine light on appropriate designs, colour schemes, and product names that would belong in the marketplace but offer a competitive advantage.

While Tildenet’s sales and marketing team were busy with additional in-house tasks, we took care of the market research, planning, and designing of the new product packaging.



It was important to understand where Tildenet wanted to be in the market, to ensure all following marketing activity would help them to reach the optimum position in a saturated marketplace.

By assessing Tildenet’s target audiences, unique offerings, competitor’s position, and product benefits, we could establish their proposed market position and ensure the work we did for our client ensured they sit in a strong position against their competitors.

Product Names

The Geotextile product range required consistent and uniform branding that concisely outlined the function and application of each product. Therefore, once we had analysed competitors and looked at Tildenet’s existing branding, we questioned whether the product names were appropriate for the target market.

The Geotextile products had two distinct customer groups: the domestic weekend gardeners and heavy-duty professional users.

Our consumer and competitor research suggested that adding ‘ULTRA’ to the professional products helped Tildenet’s brand positioning stand above their competitors when side-by-side.

Tildenet's product names & logos before working with The Marketing People

Tildenet's product names & logos after working with The Marketing People

Product Logos

After our initial consultations with Tildenet, it was clear that their products must stand out above their competitors in busy stores and their product logos were not effectively satisfying this brief.

We set to improve the design of the product logos to give them a more striking and sophisticated look with the objective of standing out in mind.

The products are targeted to both domestic gardeners and heavy-duty users, therefore we designed a product typeface that satisfied and attracted both customer groups.

Graphic Design

Product Labels

We designed individual labels for each product roll to create a unified look between the product logos, dump bins, and labels.

The new labels feature colourful images arranged in an organised design that clearly shows the different applications of each product.

We recognise the importance of upholding a balance between the products having enough information and being eye-catching to customers which is why we designed the labels with images, text, and infographics.

New product labels designed for Tildenet's Geotextile range- designed by The Marketing People

New product labels designed for Tildenet's Geotextile range- designed by The Marketing People

Display Bins

When our client’s products are sold in large garden centres across the UK, they are held and presented in large cardboard display bins. Alongside the new branding of the various products, Tildenet’s in-store display needed to match the new sophisticated product logos.

We designed specific display bins for each product coordinating colour, product names, and imagery.

The new display bins feature striking colours and bold icons that effectively communicate the application and use for each type of Geotextile membrane.

New display bins designed for Tildenet's Geotextile range- designed by The Marketing People

New display bins designed for Tildenet's Geotextile range- designed by The Marketing People

The Result

Tildenet’s range of Geotextile products now stands strong amongst and above their competitors in saturated stores such as garden centres. The new Geotextile product range and ULTRA branding is bold, striking, and effectively communicates the application and usage of each product for maximum customer ease.

The new product packaging display was presented to a major UK reseller, in which they have placed a large order to stock Tildenet’s products.

Not only is the new packaging being rolled out across UK resellers in-store, but it is also featured on Tildenet’s e-Commerce site which is great for consistency across the online and in-store presence of the brand.

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