Perceptions – Did you know?

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In the marketing world our job is related to changing perceptions. Branding is a major factor in perception of your business and its value to customers. I shan’t go into details now regarding the brand value and proposition as this isn’t the reason for writing this blog.

We are also aware that politicians, governments use marketing techniques to change our perception in favour of their particular agenda and gain our support and understanding.

As with marketing in business, the objective is to gain more customers, increase brand awareness and develop loyalty and brand advocates.


Your brand

When looking to market your company and its offering, whether products or services you wouldn’t disclose, that actually, your service isn’t quite as good as a competitors or that your product prices are a more expensive and so on.

You would highlight the elements of your offering that make you appear more competitive, more desirable and believable, and develop your brand with positive messages that would engage and convert potentials. You would target the most appropriate audiences that would be more likely to believe, or be receptive to your messages and these would then become brand advocates and extol your virtues. While doing this you would adhere to the guidelines and stipulations governing the way I which you promote and sell your wares. There are many lawful regulations – see this link for marketing and advertising laws.


Your perception

We all use various forms of information to help us make buying decisions, what do we believe, who should we believe, who should we ask or refer to when contemplating buying?

The recent referendum could prove to be a point in fact where perhaps, maybe, we didn’t have enough information to make the decision we made.

Taking on board the above, and thinking about what our own perceptions are regarding many issues, as I have done recently, I decided to apply some of the techniques we use   when helping clients evaluate and understand their marketing strategy to see if my understanding was accurate. What are your perceptions on key social issues?

I was wrong in my perceptions based on what I have been told, heard, thought I understood.


Common misconceptions

What’s your perception on these not so publicised social issues that drive debate and policy-making?

What do you believe the new average life expectancy to be in the UK?

  • 80 yrs
  • 84 yrs
  • 89yrs?

What is the proportion of Christians in the UK?

  • 30%
  • 40 %
  • 50 %

Murder rates in the UK, is it rising or falling?


Try this link

For answers to the above, and a few more questions and answers regarding the populous of the UK the rest of the world, that perhaps you, like me, had the wrong perception about interesting stuff that could perhaps make you the most informed in your business and social circles, for a short time anyway! See this link from IPSOS on the things the world gets wrong, and see what you could learn.

There is also a perils of perception quiz – 10 very interesting questions that I would think we have the answers to in the back of our mind with a figure that we are sure is correct. I got a slightly higher than average score I am glad to say.

Try it when you are on the page.

Not perhaps the marketing blog you thought you were going to read but hopefully it may change your perception on fundamentals, it changed mine.




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