Puppy dog eyes don’t always win the prize

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puppy dog eyes don't always win the prize

At The Marketing People (and dogs!) we begin the week with tea and toast, and a plan of this week. Which would be lovely if we were included! But no, those humans keep all those tasty toast slices to themselves.

So me and George had to create a strategy. Now we have a number of paths we could take, and like a lot of our four legged pals, we had no idea where to start. So we had to try a few ideas before we could come up with the best plan to fill our bellies.


The Puppy Dog Eyes

George and Chops Puppy Dog Eyes

Our go to plan was the puppy dog face. It’s a no brainer, it is our go to, and what we have always used, not to mention it almost always works on strangers. But our humans have seen it a little too often, and didn’t fall for it. What were we going to do not our go to method was useless?


The Table Method

George's toast face strategy

George’s next favourite method was hiding under the coffee table to be more stealth, and pick the right opportunity to pounce. Unfortunately we were not stealth enough, and the humans found our hiding a little too amusing for that plan to be effective, they even starting to call out when George was doing his ‘toast face’! Maybe he did over use this method a little …


The Sofa Strategy

Chops using sofa strategy method

We even tried climbing on the sofa. The humans would think we wanted a nice little cuddle, when really we could get a better vantage point to see the exact location of the toast, and were in a better position to just jump and get it. However our diversion of a little cuddle usually distracted us a little too much to stay focused on our aim. We do get distracted quite easily!

What now?

We were beginning to think we couldn’t charm them round, and our efforts were forever doomed. Our little victories that we did get were too random, so we couldn’t repeat them. We felt like failures.

Then we began analysing the humans. When we did get victories, why was that? Did they want something from us, and in return we could get a tiny taste of toast?



George and Chops using good behaviour

After analysing the results we found with the right combination to success! Good behaviour, and we get to join in with some toast. Who would of grrrlieved believed it!

And now?

Though we know what we should be doing, we still don’t always get this right. Sometimes we’re a little over eager, or sometimes we don’t keep our eyes on the prize. But we know what we have to do to get the win, we measure our success in tasty crumbs and full bellies and we always high-five our success.

Chops High Five


Turns out the humans are pretty good at strategy too (and they are exceptional at getting the toast! Oh to have long limbs and opposable thumbs!). So if like us, you’ve used the same plan too much and need to mix it up, or you’ve got distracted along the way, and need a solid plan to return to, it might be worth speaking to our humans.

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