Six Tips For Pawesome E-Commerce Product Pages

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six tips for awesome online customer service

Bonjour Humans,

The look, feel and functionality of an e-commerce website and its product pages have a large part to play in whether people convert or not.

Think of your product pages as a sales person. They need to have all the information necessary to sell off the page. And tell people that your product is worth buying from you and not your competitors.

You would never expect your sales staff to sell your products with half the information they needed or no pictures would you?

Since I’m such a nice guy, I mean dog, I thought I’d give you a paw. So here are six tips to help you improve your product pages and help you sell off the page.


Sell It – Brilliant Copy

Having fantastic product copy is vital for all e-commerce websites and it needs to be able to sell the product.

Consumers will have questions about your product and will want to know as much as possible. So your product copy needs to answer their questions. If it doesn’t, they’ll buy from another website which answers all of their questions and provides them with all the information they need.

Last week I wrote a blog post called Four Tips for Pawesome Product Descriptions, which contains four simple tips to help you improve your product descriptions. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it if I may say so myself.


Show It Off – Great Images

You can’t expect people to buy a product they haven’t seen. Yet there are still some websites which choose to upload products to their website with no images.

Ideally you need a handful of good, clear, high quality images of the product from various angles. Some shots of your product in use, or in the cases of clothes being worn, will also be really helpful.

If your product is available in different colours you should have an image or images showing the product in each colour available. If a potential customer can’t see the exact colour of the product they may be unsure and decide to purchase from another website which shows them the exact shade.


Encourage Them – User Reviews 

Studies show (Yes, I read studies I’m a smart dog) that roughly 72% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from their friends and family. This means customer reviews are important and can help you gain more sales.

Amazons review model is brilliant, and as a result the majority of products on their website have reviews. A few days after a customer should have received their product, they receive an email from Amazon asking them to rate and review their purchase.

This is something that can be replicated and set up using automated emails from your e-commerce system.

Positive product reviews will help to reassure people who haven’t bought from you before that your business and products are reputable.


Buy It – Clear Call To Action

Calls To Action, or CTAs, are what you want the customer to do. If you view a product page, somewhere on the page there will be a big bold button saying ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’, those are CTAs.

If you view any good e-commerce website the CTA buttons are bold and stand out, immediately attracting the users attention.


Make It Easy – Delivery & Returns Information

Returns information is important as people want to be reassured. That if they have an issue with a product, they know they can return it to you easily.

You can also mention any important or key pieces of delivery information on product pages. Such as, ‘Order by 9PM, delivered tomorrow’ or ‘Flat rate postage’. This will encourage people to buy from you and perhaps even encourage them to buy more, or hurry their purchase along if they’re browsing at 8:30PM!

A good example of this is Gardening Delights (whose e-commerce website was developed by my humans) who mention in their product listings that they have flat rate postage.


Get Found – SEO Friendly URL

To help your product page get found in search engines, ensure that page URLs includes keywords relevant to the product.

If you read my last blog post, you’ll remember the example product I used was the illusive dog-proof bin. Let’s imagine I have an e-commerce website and I’m selling a blue dog proof bin, an SEO friendly URL would be;


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