Small Business Marketing – Case Study

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small business marketing

Small Business Marketing – Case Study

One of our ‘local plumbers’ called us to see if we could help him out with some livery for his van? Our small business marketing service was initiated.

So what was the initial request?

‘I want to come and see you, so I can update my van livery, look a bit more modern, maybe look a bit bigger, show people what I do?’

Jon – from J&W Plumbing & Heating


‘We could have designed a brand-new logo and stuck this on the van for Jon, but we didn’t…’

David – from The Marketing People


We knew that loads of other ‘marketing’ business would have done simply that, taking instructions on colours and then offering 3 or 4 designs to choose from? That’s not marketing, its just providing a pretty picture that bears no relation to the business, or its current & potential customers. J&W chose the right marketing business to work with, we make sure our marketing works!

Over the following few days, we learnt much more about his business. We found out stuff we didn’t know, stuff that wasn’t in his current small business marketing collateral. Any new customer would never have known, without this important consultation. Unless we  made changes that would reflect his business proposition accurately and effectively, his business would not progress as intended.


Its not just about telling people what your services are, its much more than that! We needed to capture his whole identity for potential new customers, ‘at a glance’.


We set out to put this right.

After several conversations, we had a great brief to work on. This brief answered the following questions, amongst others.

  1. Who was he before, who is he now, who does he want to be?
  2. What did he do, had this changed over the years?
  3. Where did his business sit in his marketplace and how can he improve this position, without overstating what he can deliver?
  4. How big did he want to look?
  5. What and who were his favourite clients?
  6. Which were the jobs that he liked to do, the most enjoyable work, not forgetting the most profitable projects too.
  7. What did the local competition look like?
  8. Why was he different?
  9. How could we best display his work, showcase his skills, work and testimonials. How do we get others to tell us what he does and how he does it so well?


As you can appreciate, Jon came in with a simple request, but we added a huge amount value to his small business marketing requirements, we actually want it to work!


Through this detailed analysis and discussion about his business, we were able to provide exactly what he required on his business cards, his van livery, a professional email (not a Hotmail one) plus an effective responsive website with consistent social media output and graphic design. Everyone will follow this trail of marketing to validate his credibility, professionalism and expertise, it needed to create trust.


J& W StationarySo what happened next…

  1. Graphic design & brand ID (logo) update/refresh – not a full re-brand, we realised through discussion that he would be best served staying recognisable in his local community so a wholesale change was wrong on this occasion.
  2. A short positioning statement/factual strap-line to quickly position his business in the market.
  3. Business cards, more modern, professional, practical, quality without the clutter.
  4. Van livery in line with the brief, graphic design and other marketing collateral to get him noticed, have him look like part of his own team
  5. Full website site scoping to set out the best possible user journey in order to promote lead conversion and easy communication
  6. Full website copy-writing service in line with the brief and marketing conventions. This was to direct and convert potential web visitors and clients
  7. A great testimonial page to best display the work and excellent services on offer, customer testimonials and referral is often some of the greatest marketing out there!
  8. Web design and launch, structurally optimised with a blog attached for regular update and SEO development
  9. Social media graphics to keep all marketing touch points consistent and under control, within the controlling brief

Jon used have the look of a ‘one man band’ plumber, so we helped him to communicate much more than that effectively! We had all agreed that a new logo on his van would not be enough. His marketing needed to educate, inform and tie in all of his business/customer marketing together.


We really wanted to make a difference in how he was perceived,

difference is, we knew how to do it.


Remember what Jon wanted?

He has now got new van livery, he looks modern, bigger as a business than before and above all we’ve let people know what he does effectively, through each and every touch point.

Have a look for yourselves – //

And thanks to Jon, we also got a great mention in his first blog! read here – //

Small Business Marketing

from The Marketing People in Burntwood, nr. Lichfield, Staffordshire, West Midlands, GREAT BRITAIN!

Call 01543 495752 to speak to one of the team about ‘small business marketing’. See how it could change your business for the better.


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