Small Businesses Urged to use the Internet to Boost Sales.

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Small businesses urged to use the internet to boost sales

The Federation of Small Business (FSB) are urging small businesses to utilise the internet more effectively. To engage with their customer base and increase sales.

We all expect any business, no matter what size, to have a web presence. And the majority of businesses do have what they perceive as a business website.

Typically these websites are self built. Or the business owner has a mate who is technically minded or good on PC’s to build the website for them.

Just having a website doesn’t mean it will help to develop your business. In a lot of cases even the basic brochure websites do not reflect the personality of the business effectively. Or show the user the benefits of engaging with that business.

Many people forget that a website isn’t a technical project. It’s a marketing and sales project with technical providing the functionality to interact with those using it.

Think about what you expect from a website. And if you or your sales people would talk to potential and existing clients in the same way your website presents your business.


If you’re a small businesses and would like to see how your website can actually deliver real business benefit, either as a sales and marketing tool or for e-commerce to promote your services and products, give us a call and have a no obligation chat with us to see if we are able to help you. Give us a call on 01543 495 752 or email us at

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