Sweet Victories for The Marketing People

The Marketing People experienced two wins today, three if you count the bacon sandwich. Firstly, we are proud to say that we took part in some great fundraising work for the amazing people at St. Giles Hospice, and secondly our MD David Mitchell came first in the Charity Go Karting event!

David represented The Marketing People at Midland Karting’s St Giles F1 Charity Race, a Le Man style event where eight people all raced each other for an hour to see who the best Kart driver was. The good cause went to St Giles Hospice, an incredible charity that we respect here at The Marketing People; they provide brilliant specialist care to patients with cancer and other serious illnesses. We’re very glad to have taken part supporting this remarkable institution.

We supported the charity by taking part, and we also enjoyed supporting Midland Karting. As well as joining in the race, we developed the flyer for the day. As you can see below we used our marketing expertise to create a nice piece of marketing material.

St Giles F1 charity race flyer

This was a very rewarding and enjoyable experience; it was enriching to know that we helped a charity and a local business through fundraising and the creation of marketing material.

Look out for the mention in the Lichfield Mercury soon, where you will see a photograph of the day and more information about the hard work that St Giles Hospice do.

Racers placed first, second and third take to the Podium.
Racers placed first, second and third take to the Podium.