It can be hard to believe in printed marketing materials. In an age where our phone pings every few seconds with a new email, or notification of the latest deals from our favourite brands. But having a combined marketing strategy

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Screenshot taken from: Ahead of the highly anticipated release of the 50 Shades of Grey film, brands are jumping on the bandwagon to try and make the most of the hype.   Laundry detergent brand Surf, owned by Unilever, have

If you have an iTunes account you may be aware that you’ve been gifted a free copy of U2’s latest album. If this is news to you now – SURPRISE! During last week’s keynote, where the iPhone 6, iPhone 6

Last week popular alcopop brand WKD ran an advert which read ‘Just a few pounds a week could give this dog a home. It could also buy you a WKD’. The advert upset and annoyed customers, who took to the

Staffordshire based Punk band Twinkle and The Sluts approached us to help with the development of their press kit, in readiness for the launch of new EP and to provide their Management team with effective tools for promotion. From meeting

You know Christmas is fast approaching when every single TV advert is ramming sparkly offers down your throat. Showing this years ‘must have’ Christmas present, all topped off with some terrible Christmas music. One advert stands out from the rest

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The East Coast of America is currently being battered by super-storm Sandy. Which has claimed lives, flooded cities, knocked out the power and caused fires which have destroyed homes. Yet unbelievably, there are companies trying to ‘newsjack’ the story to

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Like dogs, seasonal advertising isn’t just for Christmas. There are plenty of times of the year where you may see an increase in sales. After the crazy Christmas period is over, or perhaps now during the calm before the storm.

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Topical advertising is taking advantage of a news story or something current. Then creating an advertisement based around it. Topical advertisements can gain extra coverage for a business that they wouldn’t have received ordinarily. As it’s something people are interested

Autumn is truly on its way, which means Halloween and Bonfire Night are just around the corner. Many businesses take advantage of Halloween and Bonfire Night to help promote an event they’re holding. Or their products and services. However there