It can be hard to believe in printed marketing materials. In an age where our phone pings every few seconds with a new email, or notification of the latest deals from our favourite brands. But having a combined marketing strategy

Like dogs, seasonal advertising isn’t just for Christmas. There are plenty of times of the year where you may see an increase in sales. After the crazy Christmas period is over, or perhaps now during the calm before the storm.

Topical advertising is taking advantage of a news story or something current. Then creating an advertisement based around it. Topical advertisements can gain extra coverage for a business that they wouldn’t have received ordinarily. As it’s something people are interested

Gardening Delights have been clients of ours for the past six years. During that time we have; consulted, re-branded and developed their initial web presence. We’ve scoped, designed and developed their latest ecommerce website. Along with their Facebook, Twitter &

This summer the UK will play host to the 2012 Olympics. While your customers may be looking forward to it, as a business you need to be very careful with what you say. Or rather don’t say about the Olympics.