The phrase “good, unique content” has become a bit of a buzz phrase in recent years. So we can’t help but agree with Moz’s Rand Fishkin when he says that “good, unique content” needs to die. In an episode of

There are plenty of articles out there giving you advice about blogging for business but why exactly should your business be blogging? And does it really make a difference anyway? The short answer is yes blogging does make a difference!

A user friendly website which provides a great experience is vital for encouraging users into your website and steering them down the sales funnel. Ideally you want everyone who visits your website to become a customer (preferably straight away!). But

Similar to topical advertising, creating topical content is creating content which links to a current news story or something which is popular.  Creating topical content shows people that a brand is on the ball, relevant and clever. Especially if they

What is Inbound Marketing….Have you ever become tired of cold calling or maybe wish you could gain leads people contacting you? What is inbound marketing? Quite simply, inbound marketing let customers find you. Outbound marketing is where you reach out

Last Thursday we wrote about the direct benefit of a blog from an SEO point of view, so we’re now going to talk about the indirect SEO advantages of blogging. Indirect benefits – These rely on some form of interaction from

  There are many SEO advantages of blogging, (Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short). The list of advantages is extensive and putting them all in one post wouldn’t make for light reading. This post will concentrate on the direct SEO