The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal

The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal

The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal

You may have seen a couple of weeks ago we barked about our photoshoot for Personalised Nation with Dave from Paw Printz, well now the time has come to rrreveal some of the shots Dave has put together in “The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal”.

Here they are in all their furry glory. Feel free to add your thoughts or caption suggestions in the comments, or on the dogs twitter account (@TheMrketingDogs).


Tongue Out George

George possibly looking cuter than you have ever seen him before. It may have taken a treat to coax it out of him, but I think you’ll agree that it was worth it.


George licking lips


Sitting Nicely Sammy

Sammy is renowned for dancing around the office, or falling asleep on our laps, so it is quite unusual for her to sit so nicely on a chair!

Sammy on chair


Queen Chops On Her Throne

Chops knows she rules the roost, keeping the other two in check, and we can think that can just be sensed off this photo.


Chops on chair


Curious George

George often pulls this face around the office, normally when he is deciding if he can make the jump to reach a tasty treat on the side, or why you won’t play with him for the entire afternoon.

George on chair


Sammy jumping for treats

This is a pose that never fails to make us smile, Sammy loves to dance for treats, and often wonders round on her hind legs to get a better view of what treats are on the desk.

Sammy Dancing


Chops Looking Like Butter Wouldn’t Melt

We know the dogs are clever, great at marketing, and often make us laugh, but sometimes you have to appreciate just how darn cute they are!

Chops pug face


George pulling his best pose

George has had comments previously on how he should enter dog shows because of his looks. What do you think?

George looking at camera


Sammy “Ridiculously Big Ears” Mitchell

Sammy is the smallest of The Marketing Dogs but certainly wins the award for the biggest ears. She often scratches her ears by putting her whole paw inside of them.

Sammy with huge ears


Chops “Best Paw Forward” Mitchell

Chops loves to pull crazier poses, especially if it means she gets a nice treat at the end of it!

Chops best paw forward


George “Give Me The Toy!” Mitchell

George just loves to play. Our office floor is always scattered with whatever is the latest favourite, and he’s always looking for new toys like carboard boxes or bottles.

George with toy

The Dog Squad

And finally the three marketing dogs, all together as the team that they are.

the marketing dogs

What do you think?

You can see more from the photographer Dave on his Facebook Page, his Paw Printz site, or his other photography site.

If you want to enjoy picture of your own pawed pal, contact Personalised Nation to arrange a photoshoot, and for more information on how you can enjoy and showcase your photos after.

The Marketing Dogs do paws, pouts and personalisation.

the marketing dogs do paws, pouts and personlisation

the marketing dogs do paws, pouts and personlisation

Hello humans,

It’s our time to paw the blog again, this time about our pouting poses, as we all got to be models in a photoshoot. So we’re all collaborating on today’s blog.

You may have seen some of the stir we created on social media with our photoshoot news, so we’re here to tell you the tail of the day, and why we were able to spend our Tuesday afternoon pulling puppy dog faces.

Our brief from the humans, was to aid Personalised Nation with some pictures they could use for personalised items they will be showcasing at their stand at Staffordshire County Show 2016.

It is a huge show with so much going on, and is a mix of humans and all kind of animals (it sounds like a grrreat show to us!).

Whilst the humans worry about the leaflets, and pop up banner, and tablecloth, we got the pawesome job of having some pictures taken to be featured on the items they’ll display.

We wanted to make sure our friends Matt and Kelly get lots of people to the stand, so we wagged our tails over to their unit on Tuesday afternoon.


Dogs at photoshoot


I think they only had some cushions in mind, but now we know that Personalised Nation can print your pug mug face on anything, we think the humans should get us on cushions, and duvets, and mugs, and mouse mats, and placemats, and canvas’, and wallpaper, and photobooks, and clocks, and desk blocks, and key holders, and oven gloves, and keyrings, and jigsaws, and phone covers, and drink bottles, and everything else we can get our paws on.

We think mums on board, but dads not as convinced.

So what did we all think of the day?



Naturally I was the leader, first in the car on the way there, straight in there when we got to the venue to begin the photoshoot, ever the professional me.

After some group shots, I got to take on my personas of princess pug (loveable sweet pug who would never lick your feet or steal your food) and Queen Chopsy (who will make you want to give your food to me in one look).

I got my sparkle on, and a comfy, fluffy throne, and David the photographer seemed really pleased at my hard work.

We also got to meet some of the personalised nation family, who were so lovely I had to give them a lick, especially Matt who was wearing shorts. How could I resist a whole leg?!


Chops the pug photoshoot



Chops make think she ran the show, but I was the star, you should have seen the poses I was pulling, and I even got to pose on the chair that mum and dad never let me sit on!

I oversaw some of the other shots, and I think my really good friend David the photographer appreciated my input.

Overall? I got to dress up, and play with toys, and have treats, while everyone told me what a good boy I am. Best. Day. Ever.


George Photoshoot



I only thought I’d be able to do a little bit, as I had been at the vets a few days before, and was still feeling a little poorly, so I let Chops and George take the lead.

But once there was treats out, I couldn’t help but dance, stitches or no stitches! There are hardly any photos where I am able to keep my feet on the floor I was that excited.

I was really happy to have pictures with my new dog squad, we make a good team. But they are very committed, I had to go have a little explore around the unit, give my expert advice to David photographer and David dad, and have a little cuddle with Lauren, to have a little break from posing.


Sammy photoshoot


What now?

Other pawed pals, we would recommend having a photoshoot here, as it was a lot of fun, and the shots that photographer David got are even better than our selfies!

But sorry eager humans, you will have to wait till our next blog to see the professional ones.

You will also have to wait to see what Personalised Nation creates, but we definitely think you should go and visit them on the 1st and 2nd of June at the Stafford County Show, and see all the woofly products they offer on their website.


Do you have an exhibition coming up, and would like help with your stand? The humans may be able to help, just bark at them. If you want to see more from The Marketing Dogs, you can check out more of our adventures here.


The Marketing Dogs – April News

The Marketing Dogs April News

The Marketing Dogs April News

Bonjour humans, George here, back again on the blog. A lot has changed since my last blog in January.


We have been busy on our dog project this month, Costa Del Dog, converting the human foyer into a beautiful paradise for us marketing dogs. Now we are finally seeing a little sun, our glass fronted premises is heating up nicely.

the marketing dogs enjoying costa del dog

We have a nice mat to lay on for catching the rays, or some cool tiles for when you’ve spent a little too long in the light, and need to cool down. The humans did lay some towels down for us, but I may have mistaken the towel for a toy, so they were quickly removed. Luckily though the area is pretty comfy anyway.

We don’t encourage sun hoggers (I think you humans have them too, the ones who put their towels down in the middle of the night) but we have had to have some words, with canines who will remain unnamed *snortSammysnort*.

sammy stealing all the sun

We asked the humans if we could build a pool, but they denied us planning permission unfortunately.

But overall, we are enjoying our little bit of paradise, though the sun is quite temperamental at the minute. Sammy keeps escaping to the corner desks when the sun moves, to catch a few last rays before home time.

Speaking of Sammy, she has certainly come out of her shell the last few weeks, bounding around like a deer in the office. It is great to see such enthusiasm from a new member of staff. She even did a little dance on Wednesday (or as the humans keep calling it, hump day), which made us all laugh.

Chops has mainly been on Costa Del Dog supervising duty, making sure our facilities are up to scratch, but she’s still be continuing her other supervising duties, such as keeping us groomed.

chops licking george

And me? Well I’ve not been very well, I ate a bad bone and had to have a nasty trip to the vet, but mum give me lots of extra hugs and love, and I’m back to my normal mischeavious ways now.


Love and licks

George xoxo

The Marketing Dogs – March News

The marketing dogs March News

The marketing dogs March News

Ahoj humans, Sammy here, we’ve seen lots of snow this month, so it’s been a few weeks of staying cuddled up for us Marketing Dogs.

I’ve moved around the office, and got a new desk, Chops helped me pick which one would be best, and thoroughly investigated a few options. We decided this one would be best as I get the best sun from two of the windows. Plus I get to keep a close eye on Lauren and Laurie.

Chops and Sammy on the desk

Even with the extra sunlight, it was still pretty cold, so mum gave me an extra blanket. The humans joke about me being a bit spoilt, but I don’t know what on earth they mean.

Sammy wrapped up in blanket

The cold weather has meant our daily commute from the office has been a little chillier than normal, which has meant coats for all of us! I’d much prefer to hide in bed then walk to work, but mum always ushers me out, and George and Chops motivate me to get going.

Sammy, George and Chops in coats

It was also mothers day in the last few weeks, so we gave mum lots of extra special cuddles, even if we do take over her chair, she knows we really love her.

Chops did give mum a bit of a scare though and had a funny turn. The nice vet has said everything is okay, and she’s racing around as normal, but I think poor mum still in shock!

Office wise we’ve been keeping the humans in check, and I’ve been perfecting my management style. I think I’ve got my stern managers look nailed to a tee. Though I’m not 100% on what sort of manager I want to be yet.

Sammy looking stern

As well as been stern, I have been rewarding hard work, as you can see here, I think Laurie really appreciated my thankful handshake.

Laurie and Sammy

I think George and Chopsies teachings have paid off, and I’m well on my way to being a manager. Though I still get a little too excited when the humans bring out tasty food, it seems to keep them entertained at the very least. I think they even put a video of me on Facebook.

Thanks for reading my very first blog post, George is strutting back on to the blog next time, so until then sbohem!

The Marketing Dogs – February News

Marketing dogs february news

Marketing dogs february news


Nihao humans, Chops here, with the full tail from February.

It’s been a busy month for us marketing dogs, we’ve broken unbreakable toys, we’ve increased our door patrol by almost 25% more barks and we’ve broken our record for laps around the office.

So as you can imagine we’ve had to take lots of snoozes and eat some treats to reward us for all our hard work. Especially when we’ve had to trudge through the rain. Mum had to allow us the day off the other day, as we refused to put a paw out in the downpour. We’re convinced we would have had to doggy paddle all the way to the office! So we stayed curled up instead, and used our energy at the office the next day for a more productive day.

We’ve been feeling the love this month, what with Valentine’s just gone. Sammy especially has been exceptionally loving to everyone in the office.

So for valentines, I thought I would look to treat my other pawed pals with a special gift, and I didn’t realise there was so much choice for doggy (or cat!) valentines!

For Sammy I think I will look at some personalised valentines dog treats, because she is our little diva, who is fussy, but loves treats, and will definitely love it if they are all hers!

We all know George is a bit of a fashionista, so I think I may get him this personalised neck scarf to match one of his coats, and keep him warm on our walks. It will be something new for him to strut in front of all of the human’s clients.

For the humans, I want to remind them how much we all love them, so maybe these new dog bowls might do the trick?

And for me? Well I think mum should really splash out and get me this cupcake case bed, because I think we can all agree how cute I would look as a cupcake. Maybe next year …

We definitely all agree that we would have loved some valentine’s gifts! But I think we would wag our tail just as much at an extra treat or a big hug as we would a pricey expensive personalised cushion.

I’m off to train Sammy on some blog writing for next month’s blog, because as we all know I’m great at training.

Now how do you press send on this mac?


pug using a mac


Paws and love

Chops x

The Marketing Dogs – January News

The Marketing Dogs January news

The Marketing Dogs January news

Bonjour humans!

Chops and Sammy have left me to take charge and paw the first dog blog of the year.

This month’s took a lot of getting used to! We had a very sleepy start, and did not appreciate the early morning wakeup call after a nice Christmas break with lots of lie-ins. We did make it into work ready for the start of the New Year, though I may have made mum walk as slow as possible to prolong our break. But we started 2016 as we meant to go on – with a quick play and then rewarding ourselves with a nap.

However January is not our favourite month. December and Christmas were brrrilliant, as we ate lots of pigs in blankets and had lots of sleep in snuggly blankets. Though mum did take us on lots of walkies so we didn’t begin to look like pigs in blankets ourselves. But January? January is just a little too cold and wet for our liking. (Though I’ve found chasing pigeons a good way to warm up when on walkies).

Bark Back in the office, Sammy is getting settled. She has decided to create a new role of just supervising Ash, which means she has to sit on his lap and snooze supervise everything he’s doing. She’s very thorough and even inspects his lunch to make sure it’s a good choice. She’s doing a really good job, and rarely leaves his side, except for when she has to cover barking at the postman duties with us, or greeting clients.

Myself and Chops are keeping the rest of the team on track, supervising from our new perch in the office.

Chops thought we were doing such a good job she’d treat the three of us to a pamper and made me get my hair and paws done. Mum and Dad were very impressed with the results and I have to admit I thought I looked great. Sammy was almost asleep she was so relaxed!

Chops, George and Sammy all groomed


Now I spy a rogue plastic bottle in the office which definitely needs my attention, must dash!

Love and licks

George x

The Marketing Dogs best bits

the marketing dogs best bits

the marketing dogs best bits


We’re back! Yes the humans have let us loose on the blog again. So we are here to bark you through The Marketing Dogs best bits! It’s been another pawesome year for us marketing dogs, with lots of work, play and snooze.

This is what happened to us:

We’ve been a team of two for quite a long time now. Partners in crime to cause mischief for the humans. Which is something we’re really good at, and have certainly got our practice in this year. We worked on our own notes from last year, and we greeted clients with more effort, and helped to clean up the office more by hoovering up any tasty morsels off the floor, so we really need our Christmas break now!

But at the very end of this long year, we have grown our pack by one, with the addition of Sam. She may be a little on the small side, but we’re training her up so she can be just as good as us at ripping up cardboard boxes, stealing toast and being a good lookout.
The 3 musketeers under the blanket
So next year we will have even more adventures to write about, as we’re sure our little pack of marketers will be getting into lots of trouble!


This is what happened on our blog:


teaching how to blogWe held blog classes for some humans to show it really isn’t that hard when you know how.




dogs on exhibitionsWe gave tips on exhibitions. We know the humans give a lot of advice, but sometimes you’ve got to consider a dogs point of view!




Dogs on strategyThe humans always talk about marketing strategy but what about toast eating strategy? Me and George look at how you should always stay resilient when it comes to getting what you want.




dogs on showWe went to a dog show at Bingley hall which was so amazing we had to tell you all about it, and how George now definitely wants to be a model.




a dogs view on seoGeorge looked at his version of SEO, which I think is a little different to the humans version!




Halloween dogsGeorge barked about tricks and treats for Halloween, and also told some really awful jokes!






This is what happened on Twitter:

Our paws are really tired after tweeting all of you this year! We’ve been busy all year, but September and October had us running around like made

In September over 10,400 of you saw our tweets, and 65 of you were barking about us, which is furry very nice. And in October almost 700 of you came to visit our twitter page, and we gained 50 new friends!

You can see some of our top tweets from this year below, but you all seemed to enjoyed George’s #toytuesdays and us being hard working office dogs.

We’re looking forward to another year of tweeting, and showing off our marketing dog skills!


Selection of the dogs top tweets

This is what happened in the office:

We ripped 6 cardboard boxes to smithereens.

And played with (and destroyed) 17 different toys.

We demolished 5 plastic bottles.

and rummaged through 3 handbags.

We ate 112 treats.

And stole 32 bites of the humans lunches.

We commuted to and from the office for 188 days of this year.

and we slept for 752 hours at the office.


office dog collage



We’re now the furr-ree musketeers which means we will be up to even more next year. You can check out all our pawesome blogs here, and follow our barks on twitter. What do you want to see more of from the Marketing Dogs in 2016?

Furry Christmas humans!

George, Chops and Sam xxx

12 Days of Christmas … 2 Marketing Dogs (plus a new addition!)

12 days of christmas 2 marketing dogs

12 days of christmas 2 marketing dogs

Bonjour, Ni Hao … and Ahoj!From The Marketing Dogs

The humans have asked us to be part of their 12 days of Christmas countdown as the 2 marketing dogs, which is brrrrrilliant, except for one thing … After we began furiously pawwing this blog at the  keyboard, we’ve had another partner in crime join us. So we are no longer the 2 marketing dogs, but the 3 musketeers.

We’d like you all to give a big bark for Samanta who has joined us all the way from the Czech Republic. After her long journey, she needed a place to stay, so we have took her under our paw and are teaching her the ropes.

Intro to Sam

She already knows how to greet visitors at the door, pull the right face so the humans give her food, and take productive office snoozes, we’re definitely proud of our little sister! And she is very little, so she makes us feel a lot bigger and scarier than we are!

Back to our blog though, the humans wanted to show you some pawesome pictures of us from the year, so we have picked the ones that show our best side, as well as lots of our new dog pack in the office. How will the humans cope with us all under one woof roof?

Enjoy our gallery …

All 3 marketing dogs snoozing

Sam already taking over! Two big dogs in the little bed, Sam in the big bed!

Chops answering the phone

“Good morning The Marketing People, Chops speaking, how can I lend a paw to you today?”

Chops licking George

“Hi, I’m your hair and make up for today, let me just lick that hair into place”

George and Chops after toast

Our normal Monday routine, try and steal toast from the humans!

cat photobombing dog

Cat photobomb! Vic was not letting Sam steal all the limelight

Chops joining the team meeting

While George is stealing toast, I’m trying to get the tasty treats from the side.

All the Marketing Pets taking a break

Well we’d all been working hard, so a bit of downtime for all us marketing animals

George being tickled

No, no, mom, don’t get pictures of me being tickled!

Sam snuggled up

Sam getting snuggled up under mums desk.

George and Chops going blackberry picking

Mum took us blackberry picking, look how many we found!

The 3 musketeers under the blanket

Us having a little bit of down time after a hard day.

Chops looking after a shoe

I’m looking after your shoe mum, don’t worry

The Marketing Cat

We couldn’t leave Vic out! Honourary marketing dog

George and Chops playing


Chops loving the camera

Take another picture of me mum! I’m feeling my fur is looking good today!

George and Chops pulling funny faces

Quick Chops, pull a funny face!

Chops protecting the office from the sofa

I’ll take this shift of protecting the office George

George doing the hockey cokie

The best bit of 2015? I learnt how to do the hockey cokey!


Not enough of us dogs for you? Well don’t worry, we’ll be back later this week with our best bits of 2015! We’ll be looking at what we’ve been doing in the office, on twitter and in the blog, and maybe we’ll have a few more pictures for you too.

Love and licks

George, Chops and Sam xxx


Take a look at the rest of our countdown to the 12 days of Christmas, for more advice, how to’s and examples of marketing during this festive season.

The Marketing Dogs Need You!

the marketing dogs need you

the marketing dogs need you

We need your help.

We know the humans wouldn’t function at work without us. We think we are certainly the most professional, happy, cuddly, four pawed bosses assistants out there.

But we know some of our pet pals have to help their humans throughout the day too. With the general stuff, you know like helping them empty the bin, alerting them to intruders and helping them eat their lunch.

We’d love to hear your stories though, just to remind the humans of how much we really do for them. It doesn’t have to be much, just a little on your daily routine, the best part of your day or your favourite human to distract help from 9 till 5.

So please send us your pictures, and what you’ve been up to in the office, to one of our humans Lauren ( or tweet us @TheMrketingDogs and we’ll pop it in our next doggy blog, showcasing your skills, and mentioning your humans company too!

In the meantime, take a look at how we’ve helped humans with advice on SEO, strategy, exhibitions, blogging, and lots of other great tips, in our Marketing Dogs Blog.

Must dash, the dog and bone’s going! Speak soon.

Trick or Treat … From The Marketing Dogs

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Bonjour humans

You’ve not heard from us for a while, as Autumn has fallen and we have been very busy protecting our humans from all of the leaves throwing themselves from the trees. The humans laugh at us but we think they’re barking mad!

We’ve also been busy greeting the human’s customers, making them feel very welcome, and sometimes giving them some of our extra fur to keep them warm. Which is all part of our pawesome customer service.

So we’re already at that spooky time of year George in fancy dressagain, which means mum and the team have had chance to dress us up.

Though I woof love to strut the show in my outfits, Chops is not a fan, and normally gets me to help her rip it off straight away. It is definitely my favourite time of year, being wrapped up nice and cosy, getting to wear brrrrrrilliant outfits and running around in leaves.

Chops seems a little bit disappointed that the sun bathing in the foyer season is over. I’ve tried to convince her it’s the best with tails tales of warm sausages, cosy blankets and extra fuss from the humans as they want warm cuddles, but she is still feeling a little blue that summer is over. So I thought I’d tell her some Halloween jokes to cheer her up and get her as excited as I am.

Did you want to hear them?

Why don’t ghosts like rain on Halloween? … It dampens their spirits!

What’s a monsters favourite dessert? … I-Scream!

Why did the skeleton go to a BBQ? … For the spare ribs!

What do witches put on their hair? … Scare Spray!

How do you fix a jack o lantern? … With a pumpkin patch!

I know; I am hilarious. What do you think chops?

Chops looking unimpressed

Hmmm she doesn’t seem impressed …

I think maybe I’m better at tricks than I am jokes, and we both love doing tricks if it means treats!

George, Chops and Puppy being well behaved

Just look how well behaved we are! This is when our clients WKD trained dogs bought one of their puppies in to see us. She knew a lot more tricks than we did! But we kept up as best we could.

We do know a lot of tricks though like … sitting … and sleeping …and saying hello to the team. They might not be backflips and riding skateboards, but we’re business dogs, we’ve got a bit more decorum!

We’d love to see our fellow canine pals though doing some fantastic tricks, so feel free to comment, or come see us on twitter!

We’re off to devour the rest of our treats now.

Love and paws,

Chops and George

Happy Halloween!

Until next time, you can catch up on all our adventures in our blog!