The Key to a Successful Trade Show.

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the key to a successful trade show

You researched the best trade show to attend to reach your target customers, booked the space but where do you go from there?
The cost of exhibition space can be considerable so you need to make the most of your investment by creating a welcoming environment and professional appearance which will increase the number of interactions you have with prospective customers. You also want to ensure that you are memorable so that your name is front of mind when they are reviewing their contacts after the show.

Premarketing – Strategy and Design

The Premarketing step of your trade show marketing helps you to establish clear objectives and strategy for your interactions at the show by analysing what you hope to achieve at the event.  Your objectives could include the amount of visitors you want to speak to, the amount of contacts you want to gather, or the amount of sales contracts signed during the show.

The materials you prepare for the show can include:

  • Creative for the stand itself
  • Data sheets/leaflets/brochures/catalogues
  • Stationery – compliment slips, business cards
  • On-screen presentations
  • Videos – informational, product demos or testimonials
  • Promotional items
  • Introductory email campaign to send to existing customers & prospects inviting them to visit your stand

The presentation & materials you prepare to help you achieve those objectives will reflect the quality of your business as they will give visitors an insight into your brand and the standard of your products and services. As with any marketing your messages need to be compelling and your competitive difference and positioning should be clearly apparent.


Marketing – Your Attendance at the Exhibition

Your attendance at the show will give your visitors an impression of your brand and during the Marketing step you need to ensure that this is a good experience for your visitors. At the show you need to:

  • Attract visitors to your stand by offering a friendly atmosphere where visitors feel comfortable, where they feel attended to but not overwhelmed with unnecessary attention.
  • Qualify any visitors quickly so that you do not spend too much time with those who are not really interested or do not have a need for your products.
  • Explain to your prospects why you should be their preferred provider and why they should contact you after the show.
  • Develop a mechanism for collecting data and gaining consent to receive further information from your company. This information will be used in the Remarketing step.


Remarketing – Keeping in Contact

While you may have made a good impression on the day, there will be many other exhibitors there with some of your competitors among them. This means that you need to establish a relationship with your prospects post-show to have the greatest opportunity of turning the meeting into a business transaction. In the previous stages, your efforts have worked to give your visitors a reason and an incentive to contact you at a later date, but you cannot take those efforts for granted and need to reach out to your new contacts to keep your name front of mind.

An email marketing campaign is an ideal way of doing this, as you can tailor the content of the email to interest those who attended the show, it is very cost effective, highly measurable and when sent in a timely manner with a compelling message, can increase the success of your overall exhibition marketing efforts.

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At The Marketing People, we have experience working with clients to produce their stands, design and produce the marketing collateral they will supply to their visitors and also create and implement the remarketing campaigns that are critical to ensuring maximum return on their trade show investment.

We know what type of message is most effective and we develop messages that don’t just tell readers something, but get them to take action.

If you want visitors to your stand to take action, call us now on 01543 495752 or download our showcase to see how we can help you to attract business and increase your sales. You can read more on events and exhibitions in our blog

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