The Marketing Dogs – April News

The Marketing Dogs April News

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The Marketing Dogs April News

Bonjour humans, George here, back again on the blog. A lot has changed since my last blog in January.


We have been busy on our dog project this month, Costa Del Dog, converting the human foyer into a beautiful paradise for us marketing dogs. Now we are finally seeing a little sun, our glass fronted premises is heating up nicely.

the marketing dogs enjoying costa del dog

We have a nice mat to lay on for catching the rays, or some cool tiles for when you’ve spent a little too long in the light, and need to cool down. The humans did lay some towels down for us, but I may have mistaken the towel for a toy, so they were quickly removed. Luckily though the area is pretty comfy anyway.

We don’t encourage sun hoggers (I think you humans have them too, the ones who put their towels down in the middle of the night) but we have had to have some words, with canines who will remain unnamed *snortSammysnort*.

sammy stealing all the sun

We asked the humans if we could build a pool, but they denied us planning permission unfortunately.

But overall, we are enjoying our little bit of paradise, though the sun is quite temperamental at the minute. Sammy keeps escaping to the corner desks when the sun moves, to catch a few last rays before home time.

Speaking of Sammy, she has certainly come out of her shell the last few weeks, bounding around like a deer in the office. It is great to see such enthusiasm from a new member of staff. She even did a little dance on Wednesday (or as the humans keep calling it, hump day), which made us all laugh.

Chops has mainly been on Costa Del Dog supervising duty, making sure our facilities are up to scratch, but she’s still be continuing her other supervising duties, such as keeping us groomed.

chops licking george

And me? Well I’ve not been very well, I ate a bad bone and had to have a nasty trip to the vet, but mum give me lots of extra hugs and love, and I’m back to my normal mischeavious ways now.


Love and licks

George xoxo

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