The Marketing Dogs best bits

the marketing dogs best bits

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the marketing dogs best bits


We’re back! Yes the humans have let us loose on the blog again. So we are here to bark you through The Marketing Dogs best bits! It’s been another pawesome year for us marketing dogs, with lots of work, play and snooze.

This is what happened to us:

We’ve been a team of two for quite a long time now. Partners in crime to cause mischief for the humans. Which is something we’re really good at, and have certainly got our practice in this year. We worked on our own notes from last year, and we greeted clients with more effort, and helped to clean up the office more by hoovering up any tasty morsels off the floor, so we really need our Christmas break now!

But at the very end of this long year, we have grown our pack by one, with the addition of Sam. She may be a little on the small side, but we’re training her up so she can be just as good as us at ripping up cardboard boxes, stealing toast and being a good lookout.
The 3 musketeers under the blanket
So next year we will have even more adventures to write about, as we’re sure our little pack of marketers will be getting into lots of trouble!


This is what happened on our blog:


teaching how to blogWe held blog classes for some humans to show it really isn’t that hard when you know how.




dogs on exhibitionsWe gave tips on exhibitions. We know the humans give a lot of advice, but sometimes you’ve got to consider a dogs point of view!




Dogs on strategyThe humans always talk about marketing strategy but what about toast eating strategy? Me and George look at how you should always stay resilient when it comes to getting what you want.




dogs on showWe went to a dog show at Bingley hall which was so amazing we had to tell you all about it, and how George now definitely wants to be a model.




a dogs view on seoGeorge looked at his version of SEO, which I think is a little different to the humans version!




Halloween dogsGeorge barked about tricks and treats for Halloween, and also told some really awful jokes!






This is what happened on Twitter:

Our paws are really tired after tweeting all of you this year! We’ve been busy all year, but September and October had us running around like made

In September over 10,400 of you saw our tweets, and 65 of you were barking about us, which is furry very nice. And in October almost 700 of you came to visit our twitter page, and we gained 50 new friends!

You can see some of our top tweets from this year below, but you all seemed to enjoyed George’s #toytuesdays and us being hard working office dogs.

We’re looking forward to another year of tweeting, and showing off our marketing dog skills!


Selection of the dogs top tweets

This is what happened in the office:

We ripped 6 cardboard boxes to smithereens.

And played with (and destroyed) 17 different toys.

We demolished 5 plastic bottles.

and rummaged through 3 handbags.

We ate 112 treats.

And stole 32 bites of the humans lunches.

We commuted to and from the office for 188 days of this year.

and we slept for 752 hours at the office.


office dog collage



We’re now the furr-ree musketeers which means we will be up to even more next year. You can check out all our pawesome blogs here, and follow our barks on twitter. What do you want to see more of from the Marketing Dogs in 2016?

Furry Christmas humans!

George, Chops and Sam xxx

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