The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal

The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal

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The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal

You may have seen a couple of weeks ago we barked about our photoshoot for Personalised Nation with Dave from Paw Printz, well now the time has come to rrreveal some of the shots Dave has put together in “The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal”.

Here they are in all their furry glory. Feel free to add your thoughts or caption suggestions in the comments, or on the dogs twitter account (@TheMrketingDogs).


Tongue Out George

George possibly looking cuter than you have ever seen him before. It may have taken a treat to coax it out of him, but I think you’ll agree that it was worth it.


George licking lips


Sitting Nicely Sammy

Sammy is renowned for dancing around the office, or falling asleep on our laps, so it is quite unusual for her to sit so nicely on a chair!

Sammy on chair


Queen Chops On Her Throne

Chops knows she rules the roost, keeping the other two in check, and we can think that can just be sensed off this photo.


Chops on chair


Curious George

George often pulls this face around the office, normally when he is deciding if he can make the jump to reach a tasty treat on the side, or why you won’t play with him for the entire afternoon.

George on chair


Sammy jumping for treats

This is a pose that never fails to make us smile, Sammy loves to dance for treats, and often wonders round on her hind legs to get a better view of what treats are on the desk.

Sammy Dancing


Chops Looking Like Butter Wouldn’t Melt

We know the dogs are clever, great at marketing, and often make us laugh, but sometimes you have to appreciate just how darn cute they are!

Chops pug face


George pulling his best pose

George has had comments previously on how he should enter dog shows because of his looks. What do you think?

George looking at camera


Sammy “Ridiculously Big Ears” Mitchell

Sammy is the smallest of The Marketing Dogs but certainly wins the award for the biggest ears. She often scratches her ears by putting her whole paw inside of them.

Sammy with huge ears


Chops “Best Paw Forward” Mitchell

Chops loves to pull crazier poses, especially if it means she gets a nice treat at the end of it!

Chops best paw forward


George “Give Me The Toy!” Mitchell

George just loves to play. Our office floor is always scattered with whatever is the latest favourite, and he’s always looking for new toys like carboard boxes or bottles.

George with toy

The Dog Squad

And finally the three marketing dogs, all together as the team that they are.

the marketing dogs

What do you think?

You can see more from the photographer Dave on his Facebook Page, his Paw Printz site, or his other photography site.

If you want to enjoy picture of your own pawed pal, contact Personalised Nation to arrange a photoshoot, and for more information on how you can enjoy and showcase your photos after.

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