The Marketing Dogs do paws, pouts and personalisation.

the marketing dogs do paws, pouts and personlisation

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the marketing dogs do paws, pouts and personlisation

Hello humans,

It’s our time to paw the blog again, this time about our pouting poses, as we all got to be models in a photoshoot. So we’re all collaborating on today’s blog.

You may have seen some of the stir we created on social media with our photoshoot news, so we’re here to tell you the tail of the day, and why we were able to spend our Tuesday afternoon pulling puppy dog faces.

Our brief from the humans, was to aid Personalised Nation with some pictures they could use for personalised items they will be showcasing at their stand at Staffordshire County Show 2016.

It is a huge show with so much going on, and is a mix of humans and all kind of animals (it sounds like a grrreat show to us!).

Whilst the humans worry about the leaflets, and pop up banner, and tablecloth, we got the pawesome job of having some pictures taken to be featured on the items they’ll display.

We wanted to make sure our friends Matt and Kelly get lots of people to the stand, so we wagged our tails over to their unit on Tuesday afternoon.


Dogs at photoshoot


I think they only had some cushions in mind, but now we know that Personalised Nation can print your pug mug face on anything, we think the humans should get us on cushions, and duvets, and mugs, and mouse mats, and placemats, and canvas’, and wallpaper, and photobooks, and clocks, and desk blocks, and key holders, and oven gloves, and keyrings, and jigsaws, and phone covers, and drink bottles, and everything else we can get our paws on.

We think mums on board, but dads not as convinced.

So what did we all think of the day?



Naturally I was the leader, first in the car on the way there, straight in there when we got to the venue to begin the photoshoot, ever the professional me.

After some group shots, I got to take on my personas of princess pug (loveable sweet pug who would never lick your feet or steal your food) and Queen Chopsy (who will make you want to give your food to me in one look).

I got my sparkle on, and a comfy, fluffy throne, and David the photographer seemed really pleased at my hard work.

We also got to meet some of the personalised nation family, who were so lovely I had to give them a lick, especially Matt who was wearing shorts. How could I resist a whole leg?!


Chops the pug photoshoot



Chops make think she ran the show, but I was the star, you should have seen the poses I was pulling, and I even got to pose on the chair that mum and dad never let me sit on!

I oversaw some of the other shots, and I think my really good friend David the photographer appreciated my input.

Overall? I got to dress up, and play with toys, and have treats, while everyone told me what a good boy I am. Best. Day. Ever.


George Photoshoot



I only thought I’d be able to do a little bit, as I had been at the vets a few days before, and was still feeling a little poorly, so I let Chops and George take the lead.

But once there was treats out, I couldn’t help but dance, stitches or no stitches! There are hardly any photos where I am able to keep my feet on the floor I was that excited.

I was really happy to have pictures with my new dog squad, we make a good team. But they are very committed, I had to go have a little explore around the unit, give my expert advice to David photographer and David dad, and have a little cuddle with Lauren, to have a little break from posing.


Sammy photoshoot


What now?

Other pawed pals, we would recommend having a photoshoot here, as it was a lot of fun, and the shots that photographer David got are even better than our selfies!

But sorry eager humans, you will have to wait till our next blog to see the professional ones.

You will also have to wait to see what Personalised Nation creates, but we definitely think you should go and visit them on the 1st and 2nd of June at the Stafford County Show, and see all the woofly products they offer on their website.


Do you have an exhibition coming up, and would like help with your stand? The humans may be able to help, just bark at them. If you want to see more from The Marketing Dogs, you can check out more of our adventures here.


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