The Marketing Dogs Have A New BFF

the marketing dogs have a new bff

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the marketing dogs have a new bff

Ni Hao humans,

We’ve been quite busy this morning in a meeting with one of our new clients, Protect and Serve.

Rob from Protect and Serve brought his 15 week old English Bulldog puppy Rocky in to come and talk to us and the humans about the companies branding, brochure, stationery and website.

We like Rocky a lot, he’s our EBBFF (English Bulldog Best Friend Forever) and he was certainly a hit with the humans, who kept stealing him for cuddles when we were trying to be really professional and talk about branding and brochure design!

Rocky’s only a pup, so George and I are looking forward to having lots of meetings with him to play with him and impart our marketing, print and creative design wisdom and knowledge so he can help Protect and Serve move forward.

If you work local to our office in the Burntwood,Lichfield or Staffordshire area, we’d love it if you brought your furry friends to the studio with you so we could meet them.

Remember that if you need assistance with your marketing or creative design, get in touch with The Marketing People. You can either call our humans direct on 01543 495 752 or drop us an email at and we’ll pass a message on.

For business cards, brochures, event stands and other printed marketing or communications material drop me an email, and for online web and digital talk to George!

Paws and licks,


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