The Marketing People – February News

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The Marketing People February News

Hi folks,

It’s Lauren once again with news of what February has meant for The Marketing People.

First of all the important bit, what have we been watching? Well we’ve all been watching Jessica Jones (at various paces), and are very excited that Better call Saul is back. We’re also pretty impressed with Deadpool which a few of us have been able to catch in the cinema.

Now it’s not all about watching tele and movies, so I suppose we should get to the important bit really.

We’ve had email campaigns galore for AV plates and the British Water Cooler Association. We’re looking forward to the BWCA’s annual Water Cooler Trade Show next month, especially as our very own MD David will be hosting a seminar on being a bit more social with your inbound marketing.

We’ve also been busy on our own social media as one of our posts caught rather a lot of attention on Tuesday. As one of our own Laurie was on his way to work, he spotted an overturned cement mixer, and was able to get a quick snap whilst stuck in the traffic. Posting it in a tweet as a little reminder that your Tuesday morning could be much worse, it got attention from several local news outlets, and bought thousands of impressions to our posts. Just a little reminder in how keeping up to date with trending topics on social media can serve you well.


Example of tweet

Remember if you want some help with your social, to give us a call on 01543 495752.

See you next month for another update on us!



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