The Marketing People – January News

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The Marketing People January News

Hi folks,

It’s Lauren with your January update on all things Marketing People, and how we’ve been getting our 2016 started.

After a very relaxing break with lots of movies and television being watched, we had lots of recommendations for each other’s watch lists at our first Monday tea and toast of the year!

And we also had a lot of energy to get back into the various New Year’s projects we had planned. This month we’ve looked at a lot of email campaigns, which we find is always a good choice to do in the New Year when people are reviewing their services and products, and perhaps looking for a change. Getting your brand out there at this crucial time is a great idea, though it does take a little planning.

We’ve also been busy refreshing a few websites to ensure they are not only mobile ready, but also up to date with the latest services available.

We’ve even managed to fit in a little move around in the office at Burntwood, to mix things up a little bit in the New Year. Perhaps we just missed the Christmas party games. Musical chairs anyone?

It hasn’t been the healthiest start to the year, with all of us returning with coughs and colds (though we were pretty impressed with the cough symphony we managed one afternoon). I decided to one up everyone and have a little stay in hospital with pneumonia (the things we do to get a few extra days off ey?), but have been able to return for the end of January to sort out my full inbox and get straight back into some of our Google AdWords projects, blogging and social media.

Luckily everyone else is feeling a lot better too, and we can power into February healthy and working hard on your websites, direct mail campaigns and SEO. So, if you want to inject some change into your marketing for 2016, or just need a bit of advice on where to take your marketing next, why not give us a call? 01543 495752

Until next time!


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