The Snow’s Finally Melting, Brrrrilliant!

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the snows finally melting

Bonjour Humans,

All the white stuff’s starting to melt at last. I love snow as much as the next dog but I don’t know how much more snow I can eat.

I’ve been helping Dad, Laurie and Ash on the car park all week. Every morning we’ve been out there like a car park A-Team, clearing spaces and getting people’s cars unstuck. I took it upon myself to eat and dig snow out of parking spaces at the front of The Marketing People and their neighbours at Retail Maxim, Red Architectural, SPI NPower and TAMBA Internet.

Sleepy Chops

As usual though, Chops was lying in bed in the warm all cosy while I was working hard helping people.

I’m going to miss helping people out, but I think I’ve eaten enough snow for one year.

Au Revoir,


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