Top Five Reasons Why Office Humans are Great!

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You might have seen our humans tell you about how great it is to have office dogs, well The Marketing Dogs are here today to tell you why we love our office humans just as much. This blog post is brought to you by Sammy, Chops and George.

A big bark ‘Hello’ to all our lovely followers that take great joy in keeping up with all of our office antics… it's a dog’s life! We loved reading the last blog post about all the wonderful reasons to have dogs like us in your office, and from our perspective, having office humans is just as great. We’d like to share with you the top five reasons why we love coming to work with Mum and Dad and being with the office humans.

1. Lots of Fuss and Attention

By far, our favourite thing about being around the office humans every day is the fuss and attention they give us, especially when we start each day. We try our best not to distract the office humans, but sometimes we can’t help getting over excited and let out a few barks! It is also lovely to get attention from The Marketing People’s clients as they come for meetings in the office. We make sure to give all our lovely clients attention (if they want it).

dogs joining client meetings
dogs waiting for treats

2. Treats Galore

In the office, Mum especially likes to spoil us with treats and we can’t refuse! Being around the office humans all day gives them ample opportunity to give us a little treat if we’ve all been on our best behaviour (which is all the time of course). Sometimes the humans are known for dropping crumbs on the floor, and to Mum's delight, we hoover the crumbs up immediately. If any lunch bags are left unattended... beware of Sammy's wondering nose!

3. Lunchtime Walks

Although it can be hard to get out of our warm and snuggly blankets to go out for a walk, we enjoy the fresh air at lunchtime. Chops can sometimes be the laziest one out of all of us, so we have to encourage her to get out in the colder months. Look at her all wrapped up in the blanket! It’s also great for the lovely human that gets to take us out as they get some headspace away from their computer screen.


stretches before we go for a walk
dogs playing in the office

4. Having Company All Day Long

It is great for us dogs to relax and play in the office and we especially love the company of the office humans all day. Being at home waiting for Mum and Dad to come home is way too boring for us, so we would much rather join them for the day. We're not just cute faces you know, we have been known to help out around the office too, but we're more likely to be found napping or playing!

5. Snack ‘n’ Play Time

When our office humans are all working hard and focusing (which is a lot more time than we thought!) Mum often gives us something to keep us quiet for an hour or so. A toy all three of us adore is our Snack Snake in which we have filled with peanut butter. It is quite difficult to get all of the peanut butter out straight away so it’s definitely something that keeps us all occupied. Sammy can often be found flinging her snake across the floor to knock out pieces of peanut butter!

snack and play time for the dogs at work


We hope you have enjoyed this blog post and we must give a big bark shout-out to our amazing Mum and Dad that let us join them at work every day and the lovely office humans too. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more Marketing Dogs updates. @TheMrketingDogs

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