A tough week for seriously paw-ly George

A tough week for seriously pawly george

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A tough week for seriously pawly george

I’ve been tasked with pawing the blog today, which has been quite a ruff one. Our George has been a little in the wars, and it’s time to update you our furry friends.

George had been suffering for a few weeks with a very paw-ly eye, having to go back and forth to the vets, and leaving mum and dad putting eye drops in 6 times a day. As you can imagine this wasn’t George’s favourite part of the day. As the drops were kept in the fridge, he would hide in his bed whenever the fridge door went rather than running to see what he could scrounge!

We thought his eye was getting better, but during a normal day at the office, and running to greet someone at the door, George let out a yelp, and his eyeball went pop, and mum and dad had to rush him to the vet hospital.

Me and Sammy were so worried, but knew he would be okay with mum and dad and the vet. Unfortunately, we found out that George had a ‘corneal ulcer’ which can develop rapidly. Meaning they couldn’t save his eye, and the vets had to remove it.

Now, I know that George loves dressing up, but I thought this may be a step too far for the pirate costume he wanted to get (complete with eye patch).

But all barks aside, we felt very sorry for our Georgie, as not only did he have to have his one eye removed, but we found out that he had the same problem in his other eye, with a tiny ulcer appearing. Then the very next day after his op to remove his eye, before he even had time to come home for a cuddle! He had to be rushed to the hospital again for an operation to save his other eye, as the ulcer had grown massively.

The vets were amazing. We thought the dog squad had strategy down for trying to steal the humans toast, but their plan was something else! They were going to take out the bad bits in the eye, and then graft some of George’s eye back over, so that he could still see a little bit. We were very impressed at how they must have a steady paw! But also a little worried about our George.

Luckily George is a tough cookie, and came through the two operations in two days, a bit battered, a bit bruised, but still the same cheeky George we love (and lick). He had a couple of days of extra cuddles from mum and dad, and from us too when we were allowed to have a gentle cuddle. Even with the very limited vision he had, he was still trying to help mum dehead flowers in the garden, and even tried to play with his toys.

It looked like he was back on his way to recovery, but on Tuesday morning, just after we had all had our breakfast. We heard the same yelp that followed the pop last time, and mum and dad knew they had to get George back to the hospital. Even though they rushed and rushed, the vet said they would have to remove his other eye too.

This left us all very sad. What were we going to do?

Thankfully we know George is a tough nut to crack, and he would adapt. He was even doing what he could before his op to make the vet smile, including singing to him through the night.

As of this afternoon (Wednesday) we can say that George has come out of his operation, and out of the anaesthetic, and should hopefully be home with us tomorrow.

So George looks a little different now, but it’s okay. Me and Sammy are going to take him under our paws until he’s back to his normal boisterous self. Dad’s got loads of training in mind so he can still use the house as normal, and mums buying bells galore so he can hear things coming.

We know he’ll keep inspiring us, even without his sight, just like the Paralympian’s we are waiting to see on the tele. Oh, I wish I hadn’t barked that now, George is already expecting a medal. Watch out for a blog of him saying how he’s like a Paralympian now!

Thanks to all the extra love we’ve had off all the humans, from the team at the office, to the vets, to the clients, and even the poor postman who was in tears over Georgie. We wuff you all. (You can tell George isn’t pawing this blog as I can go a bit more soppy and dramatic!).

We’ll bark more updates as we have them, as well as guides of what to look out for in your pet pals, and we’re sure George will want his say when he’s feeling a little better. So make sure you sniff the blog for more information.

Love and Licks

Chops xoxo

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