Website GDPR Compliance – for WordPress

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website gdpr compliance

Website GDPR Compliance – for WordPress

There are still lots of businesses who have forgotten to update their websites!

REF – Your Website Privacy Policy/Cookie Law & Contact Form Requirements

We spent the last couple of weeks running up to ‘GDPR day’, making sure our clients websites have had the necessary updates to their privacy and cookie law policies required, to make them compliant, in line with recent data protection legislation changes.

We looked to make sure that they understood the requirements for their websites to prove to any website visitor (and the ICO), that they have taken appropriate actions and that they have researched and understood the requirements of the privacy and cookie policy for website GDPR compliance.


  • the privacy policy, cookie policy has been a requirement for some years, and your websites should already have them – your current website developer should have made sure these were in place.


  • We can update these whilst also acknowledging GDPR regulations.


  • As a side note, any limited company should also comply with companies house directive for company reg number name and registered office details to be on the website, plus on any letterheads & invoices etc. This also applies to your websites terms and conditions


  • It only takes ONE call to the ICO – from a disgruntled user or competitor – and they will have to follow it up.


Our Website GDPR Compliance Package

We wanted to offer this service to some of the businesses we have been in contact with over the last 12 months and as a result have come up with this simple package. We are able to help, no hassle no worries, no lengthy conversations etc. just fix it. If you already have a privacy policy and cookie law policy in place, or you dont have any at all? – and it’s a WordPress site, we can move quickly and easily to put this in place for you.


We will create the relevant required copy for your website to be compliant with the updated  ‘MAY 2018 privacy & cookie policy’, implement the changes on your website and then you’re done.


This includes the statements regarding keeping details safe for anyone using the website, that you will provide them with any details you hold and that you will remove any details should they request it. These along with other elements that cover you regarding your policies.

So no work on your part – we keep it simple and you’re covered for website GDPR compliance.

If you have a contact form on the site- we will add the opt-in required.

There is a bit more to it, but that’s the basics.


All for only

£120.00 ex VAT


So what do we require?

  • all we require is confirmation by return email that you wish us to proceed
  • the admin access to enable us to make these required updates for you.
  • any details of third parties you share data with – i.e. marketing companies such as for email campaigns etc. or suppliers of related services – i.e. monitoring systems etc.
  • We will invoice and expect payment by return, we can then complete the work.

For more complex websites that are e-commerce, or have multiple forms, we can discuss any additional  requirements and the potential costs.

Safe, Secure and Trusted

Please rest assured, we will not change any other aspects of your website, we are WordPress specialists, it will be completed safely. Also dont forget, any information sent to us is held securely whilst the work is carried out. We will let you know when the work is complete, so you can make relevant changes to your login details when we are finished, unless of course you want us to carry out more work in the future?

Let us know if you have any further questions and/or you would like us to progress with the work on your website GDPR compliance.


The Marketing People on 01543 495752 – or we are at your service.

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