What information do I need to display about my limited company?

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what information do i need to display about my limited company

If you’re a limited company there are certain pieces of information you must display and include on business stationery and at any properties the business operates from.

What information do I need to display?

Limited companies must include their name on all company documents, marketing material and letters.

The following information must be included on all business letters, order forms, invoices and websites:

–          Company’s registered number

–          Registered office address

–          Where the company is registered (England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland)

–          Include the company’s full name followed by ‘Ltd’ or ‘Limited’

You may also show directors names but if you choose to do that you need to show the name of every director.

The company name also needs to be displayed on cheques, orders, bills, invoices, receipts and letters of credit.


Where do I need to display a sign?

You must display a sign showing the company’s name at the company’s registered address and any and all properties your business operates from. The sign must be visible at all times.

If you run your business from home you do not have to display a sign there.

For more information visit the Companies House website.

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