What You Need To Know About Facebook EdgeRank

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What you need to know about facebook edge rank

Has your business got its own Facebook Page? If so, it’s important you understand what Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm is. How it works and affects you and your Facebook Page.

Over the past few months, most page owners, us included, have noticed that the number of people seeing each post has dropped dramatically. This is all controlled by Facebook’s algorithm called EdgeRank.

What is EdgeRank?

EdgeRank is an algorithm used by Facebook to determine what each of its users see in their newsfeeds. It even affects what updates you do and don’t see from people you’re friends with. But for the purpose of this blog post we’re just going to focus on Pages.

Facebook say the reason for EdgeRank is so users see the content they’re interested in and aren’t overloaded with content and updates from Pages.

EdgeRank is affect by three things;

  • Affinity
  • Weight
  • Time Decay

An ‘Edge’ is any Facebook activity, this includes posting a status, uploading a photo or liking, commenting or sharing something. So when you think about it, ‘EdgeRank’ is just how important a certain update is to users at that moment in time.



Affinity looks at the relationship between a user and a page. If the user engages with the page often, by liking, commenting on or sharing statuses it’s likely they’ll see all, if not most, of the pages activity.

In reverse, if the user doesn’t interact with the page often, they’ll see very few of the pages updates.



Everything that happens on Facebook has a ‘value’, for example ‘liking’ has less value than commenting on something. The more weight an action has, the more people will see it.


Time Decay

As the name suggests, time decay is about how old the content is. As more time passes since the status was posted, less people will see it in their newsfeeds as it’s considered less important.

For example; if a user doesn’t log into Facebook for two days, they don’t want to see news from two days ago when they do log in.

Time decay is important for making sure people see new updates instead of updates that are a few days old, no one likes old news right?

Users are more likely to see your content if;

  • They have a good relationship with you and interact with your updates regularly.
  • Your update has been commented on, shared and liked by other people.
  • Your update has recently been posted when they check their newsfeed.


How Can I Get More of My Fans to See My Updates?

Facebook offers the option to pay to promote your statuses; however this can be very costly, especially if you have a lot of ‘likes’.

There are two things you can do to increase the likelihood of people seeing your updates;


Interest Lists

You can ask people to add your page to their Interest Lists. Interest Lists are a way for Facebook users to organise things they ‘like’, for example someone might create an Interest List for ‘Sports Teams’.

Users can add your page to their Interest Lists by visiting your Page, clicking on the cog next to the ‘liked’ button and select ‘Add to Interest Lists’, which is the first option on the list.


Get Notifications

Get-NotificationsUsers can also choose to ‘Get Notifications’ from a Page. This means that each time you update your Facebook page a user will get a notification telling them you’ve updated your Page.

Users can do this by visiting your page, clicking the ‘Liked’ button and selecting ‘Get Notifications’ which is the first option on the drop down list.

This could be quite overwhelming though, especially if a user selections ‘Get Notifications’ for a number of pages.


Negative Feedback

Facebook have recently tweaked their EdgeRank algorithm so that negative feedback will affect how many people see your updates.

This means that if a page, or post, receives complaints from users it will perform poorly in newsfeeds and will be seen by less people.

Again, this is another way for Facebook to ensure that what users see is high quality content that they’re interested in.


If they ‘liked’ my page, shouldn’t they see all of my updates?

Many Page owners are understandably frustrated that people who have expressed an interest in their page and have ‘liked’ it aren’t seeing their updates.

As we mentioned earlier on, you can pay to promote your posts but it can be very costly.

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