Why ‘Nice Looking’ Print & Marketing Material Isn’t Enough.

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Why nice looking print and marketing material isn't enough

There are plenty of creative design agencies that will create a leaflet, brochure, catalogue, business card that ‘looks nice’ but offers your business no real benefit.

You don’t have to look hard to find offers or deals for a free design or free template with your print, however it’s never quite the ‘deal’ it seems as it’s unlikely that using a free template or design will help your print fulfil its role.

Your print and marketing & communications material need to do more than just look nice. Every brochure, flyer or catalogue you send out should be representing your business effectively and should attract and communicate with your target audience and tell them why you’re the best people for the job.

If your print isn’t doing that then you’re wasting your money, which isn’t something many businesses can afford to do.


Design and Marketing Messages

It isn’t easy to get people to pay attention to a flier or leaflet in the first place, and if they do they will judge your business, services or products based on a swift glance.

To grab people’s attention and make them stop and read your leaflet or flier your design needs to be outstanding and different, neither of which you’re going to get for the right reasons if you use a free template.

As well as looking great, your print needs to contain well thought out marketing messages which mean something and speak to your target audience and make it worth reading.

Sending out a poorly designed flier with no real marketing message would be like sending your sales staff out looking scruffy, unprepared and with no real idea of what they’re selling. That’s not something any business owner would intentionally do.

Here at The Marketing People we don’t just design print that looks nice. We talk to our clients about the key messages they want to get across to their target audience and then create a leaflet, flyer or brochure that looks great and offers their business real benefit.

Flyer Case Study

Gardening Delights four page One of our clients, Gardening Delights, recently asked us to create a new four page flyer for them to send out with all of their orders.

The key messages were;

  • Shop direct to save money
  • Their liners are the best quality and best value for money
  • To show customers their full scope of products

We were then able to create a flyer which looked great, contained useful information and contained all of the clients key messages.

If you’re a small business based in Burntwood, Lichfield, Cannock or Staffordshire and want to find out how our creative design can make a difference to your business, call us on 01543 495 752 or fill in the contact form on our website. Or you can read more about print marketing in our other blogs. 

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