Why should my business be using social media?

Why should my business be using social media

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Why should my business be using social media

As Social Media week draws to a close, it only seemed natural to talk about why you and your company should be using social media.

The idea of using social media to help promote a business may seem like an alien idea to some, Facebook’s for telling people about what you did at the weekend not promoting your products, right? Wrong, here’s why.

To put things into perspective, if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest country on the planet, behind China and India. With over 483 million daily users at the end of 2011, you have a huge audience at your fingertips.

It’s not just Facebook you need to consider, there are other social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Google+, all of which allow you to reach a much wider audience.

As well as keeping in touch with your customers, it allows people to gather information about your company quickly and easily.
The widths of phone directories are getting smaller and smaller each year and people are turning to social media and the internet to get the information they need about businesses and their products and services.

Social media is great for showing off your products, services and any recommendations your company has received, giving you the ability to entice potential customers and keep current customers coming back for more.

Whether you like the smell of it or not, Old Spice is an example of a brand who really knows how to make the best of social media, many of their videos have gone viral as a result of social media.

You can use social media to increase the traffic to your website or blog, by providing your readers with a call to action. An increase in traffic to your website or blog can lead to an increase in sales.

For example, we published a blog post on the SEO advantages of blogging the other day. We used Twitter and Facebook to encourage people to read it by giving them a call to action by asking if they wanted to know what the advantages were and then providing a link to the blog.
With people of all ages on social media, the chances are your target audience is already using social networks.

Remember that social media success doesn’t just happen over night, like everything else you need to put hard work in to get results.


So many questions pop up when it comes to social media, but don’t get stuck, just head over to our social blogs for all the answers you need.

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