Why We Think John Lewis’s Christmas Ad is the Best Christmas Ad Ever.

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why we think this years john lewis christmas advert is the best christmas ad ever

You know Christmas is fast approaching when every single TV advert is ramming sparkly offers down your throat. Showing this years ‘must have’ Christmas present, all topped off with some terrible Christmas music.

One advert stands out from the rest for us though, this years John Lewis advert, titled ‘The Journey’.

The advert shows a snowman and snow-woman in a little girl’s front garden. She opens the curtains one morning to see the snowman has disappeared. We then see him set out on a treacherous journey, where faces mountains, rivers and crossing a motorway to get to a John Lewis store. The next morning when the little girl opens her window, the snowman has returned and the snow-woman is wearing a hat, scarf and a pair of gloves.

What we really loved about this advert is that John Lewis aren’t shoving their products in your face. The ad was about going the extra mile to find a gift your love ones will really enjoy and appreciate.

It worked as well!

Being different has clearly paid off for John Lewis. Who saw an 11.4% increase in sales for the week ending 10th November, when compared against last year.

What can small businesses learn from the John Lewis Christmas advert?

Although most businesses won’t have the huge advertising and marketing budget that John Lewis had, there is something small businesses can take from the advert.

It’s not about you or your products, it’s about the customer.

The advert shows that they pride themselves on customer service. They know and understand what their customers need and want, and as a result they are able to provide them with what they want.

They’re showing that they understand how much time and effort people put into finding the perfect gift.

What do you think about this years John Lewis Christmas advert?


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