Why Your Ads Aren’t Working & How to Fix Them…

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We are regularly asked by business owners to review their current ads and advise them on ways to improve the results of their campaigns.  We always come across the same issues. In this short blog post, we will be discussing the most common issues we see with Google Ads, and how you can fix them to get a ROI.

  • Demand

Are there enough people looking for your service or product? You can’t just assume that people will need your product/service, you need to do your research.

Some ad campaigns are created to test certain ideas, which is great, but without doing any research you won’t know:

  • What keywords to use
  • What search volume similar products have
  • How many competitors you will have

Before we begin any campaign, we look at the broader business and its goals, and your target customer.

We work out the value of each client/customer and if it’s over, say £50, and people are looking for the solution, we go deeper. To get a review from our Expert Team, schedule a call here.

  • Keyword Research

Most people use broad match type within their targeting, but we will always look at Phrase or Exact Match.

This means that people will need to type those exact words into a search engine in order for your ad to appear, so you can target your ideal customers more effectively.

  • Bidding

Are you bidding enough for your ad to show? Don’t be afraid to spend your money in order to get potential enquiries.

  • Landing Pages

What website are you sending people to after they click your ad? Are you sending them to your home page?

It would be far more beneficial to send people to a designated web page that is separate to the normal website, or a subpage on the site. This page should allow you to get their contact information or, alternatively, drive them to call you.

Essentially, you need to control the flow of traffic; you do not want someone to get lost or distracted on your website after you have paid for them to visit it.

  • Remarketing

Are you running remarketing? Without remarketing you only get one bite of the cherry.

All you need to do is put a remarketing code on to your site, which enables you to follow people around the internet, for free. You will only pay if that person clicks back to your website, giving you the second, third or fourth bite of the cherry.

  • Multi-Step Approach

We often see a disconnect between an ad and the website; not just visually but in the tone of the text. You need to have a multi-step approach to your ads.

If you’re getting 0 clicks, then you need to have another look at the ad text. If you are getting clicks but no enquiries, then you need to have another look at the website experience.

If you have any further question or would like help from our team of experts then schedule a free 15 minute call with us today.

Sharing is caring!

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