YouTube Advertising: Target Your Ideal Customers

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YouTube Advertising gives you the opportunity to get your product, service or brand in front of people who are in the “considering stage” of investing or buying your product.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, with billions of hours of video being uploaded every day. It’s where 68% of consumers will go to look for product/service reviews before making the purchase decision.

Watch our short video now to find out how to target people based on their interests and online behaviour:

YouTube Advertising is a win-win situation. It’s cheaper than advertising on other social media sites and its targeting options are much more powerful too.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

• You can start advertising from just £5 per day and get sales
• There are B2B targeting options, not just products
• The first 29 seconds of your video are completely free!

Many other social media sites will charge you per impression, whereas YouTube only charge you if the viewer watches over 29 seconds of your video, or if they click the link to go to your landing page.

Here are a few examples of ways that you can market within YouTube, along with some of the sniper targeting options. Bear in mind that there are many things to consider so if you are thinking of running a trial campaign contact our expert team.

Ways of Advertising on YouTube

Search Ads

Digital marketing tuesday

The image above shows three search ads that appear after searching for the term ‘Xero bookkeeping review’. These adverts have been pulled from businesses who want to offer their services.

YouTube Advertising has allowed them to get in front of their competition and advertise their product, service or brand to people who are using search terms that are relevant to their business.

This is free advertising up until the advert is clicked on – just like Google Ads.

If you are unsure how Google Ads work then see our blog post here.

Targeted Ads

digital marketing tuesday

This numbered image above displays a targeted ad that played before a fitness video. This video is perfectly targeting people who want to keep fit with a promotion for two pairs of leggings for £24.

After the first five seconds of the ad playing, a ‘Skip Ad’ button appears on the right-hand side (1). If this advert didn’t appeal to the viewer then they can skip it; if that happens it wouldn’t cost you a penny. The advert on the right (3) will remain there even if the advert is skipped.

There are two call to actions (2 & 3) which both take you through to a landing page where you can purchase a pair of leggings. Once again, unless someone was to click these call to actions (CTAs) these adverts will not cost you anything.

The company running this advert gets free advertising unless someone watches past 29 seconds (4) or clicks on one of the links (2 & 3). If this advert was on traditional TV it would cost the company thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, but on YouTube they will pay pennies for someone to watch the same length of content. Which one would you prefer?

How to Target Your Next Client in YouTube

Below is an image displaying the range of options you have at your fingertips:

digital marketing tuesday

This image shows you just how targeted your adverts can be. You can specifically target people who are looking at these categories and essentially get in front of your competition’s video too- pretty clever stuff.
If you select, as an example, Baby & Children’s Products, your adverts will only show up for people looking for those specific products. It’s so simple but works so effectively.

What’s next?

Since you’ve come this far, it may be suitable to take the next step and jump on a discovery call with our in-house YouTube Ads expert.

Click here to schedule your FREE 15-minute discovery call where we will show you how simple it is to script, plan and deliver your YouTube Ads.

Or call us on 01543 495752 and see how we can help your business.




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