Country Services

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A rebrand and new SEO-friendly website to position the business effectively, representing their growth over the years and putting them ahead of their competitors.

The Client

Country Services are mechanical and horticultural experts, offering sales, servicing, parts and repairs for all tools and machinery.

old country services logo

The Challenge

Country Services came to us with a view to develop the business. After moving to bigger premises, they were looking to capitalise on this investment.

They also had a very basic, outdated website that they wanted updating to represent the services they offered.

They felt that their current marketing efforts were outdated, and didn’t represent the business they had grown to become.

Our Solution

Marketing Consultancy

Our marketing consultations enabled us to understand where our client’s business was, where they wanted to be and their business objectives.

In these meetings, it became apparent that Country Service’s brand was extremely outdated and not representative of their current service offering. Our client admitted to an affinity with the brand, but realised the need to show how they had developed over the years.

It was agreed that we needed to position the business effectively first. We couldn’t start work on a new website until we had confirmed what Country Services does, who they do it for, and how they wish to be perceived.



Following our consultations, and from all the information provided, we developed a brand positioning statement and strapline for Country Services.

Looking at their operating sector, target audience, competitors, their services and their benefits, we were able to establish their value proposition in the market, then create a suitable strapline to match.


Utilising our research outputs from the positioning statement, we created a Brand ID logo to position the business more effectively.

The improved brand was representative of the services that our client offers, and was more modern and professional.

Most importantly, our client absolutely loved it and was happy to let go of the old logo style.

brand ID for country services

Website Design

Our client’s old website wasn’t representative of the services they offer as a business, nor was the information on there correct.

We worked with Country Services to scope, design and develop a brand new, fit-for-purpose website that would attract, engage, convince and convert customers to use their services and buy their products.

From all information gathered during our marketing consultations, meetings and conversations, we were able to scope the website and confirm the structural elements first of all. Country Services has lots of different strands to the business, so we separated these clearly, making the website easy to navigate.

country services website in mobile, tablet and desktop view

We then put together a brief for our client to follow, requesting content for key areas and specific photographs relevant to those sections. With such a vast site and variety of services, account management was a key aspect of this project, to manage all information from the client and organise effectively.

We worked with our client to gather all the information required, then we wrote engaging copy to appeal to their target audiences, including introductory copy and calls to action.

The images that we received from the client required retouching and editing for them to work perfectly on the site.

The Case Studies page was added to show credibility and inspire trust, and the Blog page is a great communications tool for our client to update customers, past and present, with their latest news.

The training that we gave our client as part of the web project enabled them to upload blog posts to the site, which they have used regularly since.


Our client was looking to attract customers within their local area, so we optimised their Google My Business page for them, updating the content, images and opening hours. We also advised them how to get customer reviews to build their credibility.

Also, with the web project, we reviewed and implemented an SEO-friendly structure, giving them a sound basing to add and develop content, to organically improve their Google rankings.

country services google my business

Graphic Design


Branded stationery was developed to the suit the positioning and offering at the initial and key touchpoints of the business.

The clean and professional design was representative of how Country Services have developed since they started many years ago.

letterhead, business card and with compliments slip for client

print production

Print, Production & Fulfilment


Following the concept and design, we then produced our client’s branded stationery.

The business cards were printed on top-quality stock and our fast turnaround meant our client was able to present their new brand to existing, new and potential customers quickly.

copywriting icon


Copywriting was a huge part of Country Services’ website project.

Once we had confirmed the services they offer, their target audiences for each service, their processes, terms and conditions, benefits to customers and value proposition, we could then scope out the areas of content required for the site.

We then asked our client all the right questions to receive all information required, before writing the copy that would engage their target audiences and covert them from strangers to customers.

Our Client Account Manager was in regular contact with the client to ensure the smooth running of this project, and to sign off content along the way.

The Result

Country Services now has a brand that represents their service offering and who they are as a business. It has helped position them more effectively in their sector, sitting amongst and above their competitors.

The Country Services new website has been a great business acquisition tool for our client, plus it allows them to cross sell and up-sell their services.

Our client continues to capitalise on the investments made on the new premises and the new site,
with an increase in business.