Top Five Reasons Why Office Humans are Great!

You might have seen our humans tell you about how great it is to have office dogs, well The Marketing Dogs are here today to tell you why we love our office humans just as much. This blog post is brought to you by Sammy, Chops and George.

A big bark ‘Hello’ to all our lovely followers that take great joy in keeping up with all of our office antics… it's a dog’s life! We loved reading the last blog post about all the wonderful reasons to have dogs like us in your office, and from our perspective, having office humans is just as great. We’d like to share with you the top five reasons why we love coming to work with Mum and Dad and being with the office humans.

1. Lots of Fuss and Attention

By far, our favourite thing about being around the office humans every day is the fuss and attention they give us, especially when we start each day. We try our best not to distract the office humans, but sometimes we can’t help getting over excited and let out a few barks! It is also lovely to get attention from The Marketing People’s clients as they come for meetings in the office. We make sure to give all our lovely clients attention (if they want it).

dogs joining client meetings
dogs waiting for treats

2. Treats Galore

In the office, Mum especially likes to spoil us with treats and we can’t refuse! Being around the office humans all day gives them ample opportunity to give us a little treat if we’ve all been on our best behaviour (which is all the time of course). Sometimes the humans are known for dropping crumbs on the floor, and to Mum's delight, we hoover the crumbs up immediately. If any lunch bags are left unattended... beware of Sammy's wondering nose!

3. Lunchtime Walks

Although it can be hard to get out of our warm and snuggly blankets to go out for a walk, we enjoy the fresh air at lunchtime. Chops can sometimes be the laziest one out of all of us, so we have to encourage her to get out in the colder months. Look at her all wrapped up in the blanket! It’s also great for the lovely human that gets to take us out as they get some headspace away from their computer screen.


stretches before we go for a walk
dogs playing in the office

4. Having Company All Day Long

It is great for us dogs to relax and play in the office and we especially love the company of the office humans all day. Being at home waiting for Mum and Dad to come home is way too boring for us, so we would much rather join them for the day. We're not just cute faces you know, we have been known to help out around the office too, but we're more likely to be found napping or playing!

5. Snack ‘n’ Play Time

When our office humans are all working hard and focusing (which is a lot more time than we thought!) Mum often gives us something to keep us quiet for an hour or so. A toy all three of us adore is our Snack Snake in which we have filled with peanut butter. It is quite difficult to get all of the peanut butter out straight away so it’s definitely something that keeps us all occupied. Sammy can often be found flinging her snake across the floor to knock out pieces of peanut butter!

snack and play time for the dogs at work


We hope you have enjoyed this blog post and we must give a big bark shout-out to our amazing Mum and Dad that let us join them at work every day and the lovely office humans too. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more Marketing Dogs updates. @TheMrketingDogs

The Top Five Reasons Why Office Dogs are Great!

the marketing dogs

Dogs are truly a man’s best friend… and in our case a colleague’s best friend too. At The Marketing People, our famous pooches George, Chops, and Sammy bring a lot of fun, happiness, and productivity to our offices and we want to share with you the top five reasons why you should have office dogs too! George, Chops, and Sammy are not only cute faces, but they also bring fantastic benefits to our business and colleagues too.

1. Build and Strengthen Colleague Relationships

Having the dogs in the office is the perfect opportunity for our colleagues to build and strengthen existing relationships and bond together over their common love for dogs! Having good relationships with colleagues is one of the top factors contributing to job satisfaction according to Jacob Morgan, Forbes writer. Additionally, better relationships amongst colleagues lead to more effective collaborative work within office teams, which is great for the business!

Dogs encourage better employee relationships.

Dogs can help reduce stress and increase productivity

2. Increases Productivity and Improving Office Mood

This point speaks for itself here, having dogs in the office boosts everyone’s mood. From our colleagues to visitors, and even the postman- you can’t not smile at their cute faces. Despite the thought that dogs may be distracting in the workplace, once the initial buzz of the dogs being in the office fades, taking short breaks to pay attention to the dogs is ideal for reflection, focus, and productivity. A scientific study found that temporarily taking your mind off work for short bursts increases energy levels and motivation in the office.

3. Reduces Stress

For some of the stressful situations in work and difficult problem-solving tasks, you might get to the point where you just need something to make you smile. For us, George, Chops, and Sammy all shine their hilarious personalities and in those stressful moments, it’s just what we need. For those temporary moments of writer’s block or if something isn’t making sense- taking 2 minutes away from the computer screen to play with the dogs can be the perfect solution. It is also scientifically proven that caring for and stroking animals has stress-relieving physiological benefits and will directly reduce your stress hormone levels.

Laurie and Sammy

4. Icebreaker for Clients

Having dogs in the office can be a brilliant icebreaker if you have customers come into your offices on a frequent basis. Our dogs are very welcoming and friendly, and the introduction from an office dog can be the perfect start to your business meetings. Not only can the dogs offer a warm welcome, but they can help make you more memorable as a business- which could be the difference between potential clients signing new deals.

5. Great Opportunity for Exercise

Having the dogs in the office is the perfect motivator for taking a break during the day and giving yourself and your pooch a great burst of healthy exercise. Not only is this wonderful for the dog to get out for some fresh air, but it also gives colleagues an opportunity to take a mental break away from the desk at lunchtime. This gives you the opportunity to reflect on the morning's successes and come back to the office ready for a productive afternoon.

Exercise is great for productivity at work

Points to Consider

  • Consider whether all your employees are happy with the idea of an office dog. It is important to ensure everyone’s opinion is considered, valued, and respected.
  • Keep a designated area for the dog(s) to relax during the working day. You have your desk, and they have their basket.
  • Create dog-free zones for any visitors that may be allergic to, or not like dogs. You do not want to upset customers or visitors, and for serious scenarios such as important meetings- a dog’s company may be more distracting than beneficial.
  • Ensure you have office dogs with the right kind of temperament. Untrained, yappy, or aggressive dogs will not set the right tone for the office so look to have calming, friendly, and happy dogs in your office.
  • Is the office space safe for the dogs to stay? Ensure all cables are neatly tucked away and human food is
  •  out of snout reach! It is also important to consider exits and stairs and whether they need dog-proofing to ensure the dogs don’t have an office-wide adventure unsupervised!

Greeting clients at the front door

Google My Business: How to Improve Your Local SEO in Under 5 Minutes

Improve your company’s local search rankings with Google My Business

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Video: Improve your Local SEO by setting up Google My Business

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For your convenience, please find below step-by-step instructions from the video on how to get your business live on Google:

Google My Business is a free piece of software that Google offer, so anyone around the world can set up their business.

Google my business knowledge panel - The Marketing People SEO

By searching The Marketing People in Google, look at the box on the right-hand side with our logo, telephone number, opening hours and reviews included.

Google my business setup stage 1

Click here and sign in. The first thing it asks for is your business name, so type that in and click next.

Adding a google my business location - step 2 - The Marketing People SEO

Next, do you want to add a business location where customers can visit you, like a shop or an office? By typing in your business address, this allows Google to display your location on Google Maps.

Attract Google My Business customers outside your location

what areas do you serve

Now it will ask, do you serve customers outside of this location? If so, it will prompt you to specify where. Be selective with the areas you include and don’t flood it with every city in the UK; this won’t improve your Google My Business listing.

adding categories to your gmb account

Your business category is next on the list. Google will copyright you for the categories that you input, so make sure you select the most relevant one.

what contact details do you want to show customers

Next up is your contact details. Add your telephone number and website address. If you need help with designing and developing a new website, or you need some changes making to your existing website, please call us.

Finish and Verify your Google my Business account

Once you have clicked finished, Google will send you a postcard through the post to your physical location. Once you have received this, go back here and enter the code that’s on the postcard. This will complete the optimisation.

Now it’s time to populate your page.


GMB user interface

You’ve got all this information down the left-hand side, including your address and your service areas. You can add your opening and closing hours and any special hours for Christmas, Easter or any religious celebrations. You can also easily post photos, blog posts or anything else that may help your search results.

Knowledge panel when logged into google

So there you have it, there’s a really quick and simple, free business tool to improve your Google rankings with your gmb listing.

SEO is a fundamental part of the overall process of delivering inbound enquiries, engaging effectively, and convincing and converting those visitors to customers.

Take advantage of our free SEO audit to discover where you are listed on Google, and how to appear ahead of your competitors.

For an SEO contract that provides a return on investment (ROI) call The Marketing People now on 01543 495752 to find out how we can help.

What is the best marketing strategy for an exhibition?

TMP Exhibition stand

Exhibiting at a trade show or event isn’t just about the day itself; there is a lot of preparation and follow-up work needed to make your exhibition as successful as possible.

So, how can you make the expense of exhibiting worth it for your business? Here are eight steps to running a smart exhibition campaign in a digital age.

1.Hatch the plan

So, you’ve seen an exhibition that looks like it may be fruitful, and decided to take the plunge. You book your space and you’re off.

Now what? You need to create a marketing strategy that goes further than just your objectives for that day, and this will determine how you go through the next seven steps.

Consider why you are taking on this exhibition: what do you hope to achieve, and who do you hope to meet? How will people interact with you, and what will attract them to the stand and then convince them to convert? Lay out all your plans, so that throughout the next steps, you have something to revert back to.

Begin to plan your stand and what is it going to look like. Consider the likes of pop up banners, display stands, and perhaps even lighting and flooring, depending on what space your package includes. These things can take a little while to design, produce and be delivered or installed, so it may be worth getting these in motion early, so they are ready in time for your exhibition (and it leaves plenty of time for any issues that may crop up to be dealt with.)

By setting up the goals and pipeline now, you have something solid to keep referring back to so, though your plans on how to achieve it may change, your goals won’t.

2. Lay the groundwork

Now you have your plan, you can begin to lay out the very beginnings of the groundwork. Think about following the event on social media, and posting that you will be attending.

Start to mention it to your clients in conversation, as well as if you are out networking, that you will be attending the event.

Start to assess your social media and website to ensure they are all updated, as you will hopefully be experiencing more traffic over the next few weeks. Do you have the best images on your social and the correct contact information? Does your website have up to date branding, messages and products? Take the time to sort the foundation out before you begin to look at adding offers and such on to the website and social networks.

3. Build the suspense

Now people know that you are attending this event, build on it. Perhaps post a blog to show your team preparing goody bags for the show, or a little bit of what your stand will look like. Now would be a good time to announce any on-stand offers you will be running too, to give people motivation to go. You could also include links to where people can book tickets, and find out more about the event.

You can then share this blog across your social media, with the announcement of your offers, and where people can buy tickets, as well as beginning to connect with other exhibitors who will be there on the day.

4. Edge your bets

Our very own David Mitchell & Pushpa Alexander from Headz Up Business

You will have picked this show no doubt because of the attendees you will have visit your stand, and it is true that nothing attracts people to your stand more than a crowd. Which is why inviting your current customers to come and visit you on the stand is always a good idea.

This could be through an email, or a direct mail campaign to your clients, detailing where you are exhibiting and when. This can be as an all-guns-blazing marketing email showcasing all of the on-stand offers you have available, or it could be a simple email to say you are attending so may not be able to respond to email that day, but they could come and join you for a day of fun instead.

Some of your customers or clients you may have never actually met face-to-face before, so this could be a great time to put a face to a name. If you have enough people on your stand, and you are at an event near some of your clients, it may be a good idea to arrange a meeting at the event and utilise the time you are there.

5. Prepare your troops

David & Amanda Mitchell having fun at the Expo

Depending on the size of your company, you could have your whole team attending the expo, or perhaps a dedicated handful of exhibiting experts, but whatever the size or experience of your troops, you need to ensure a number of things before you set off for the event.

Is there a sufficient brief?

Does your team know what you want to achieve from the day, and how you expect them to do this? Everyone needs to be on the same page, and have a clear picture of what you are all working towards.

Have specific roles been set out?

Do you have people who are better at grabbing the attention of passers-by, who have the knowledge to know the difference between a lead and a ‘just browsing’? Do you have experts who can take over these quality leads? Do you have a representative who will be arranging follow-up appointments? Do you have someone who is going to be managing your social on the day, and gaining images for future marketing purposes? Who is managing your team, and ensuring people take breaks etc?  

Do you have offers in place?

If you have offers in place, make sure your team knows them inside out. There is nothing more frustrating for attendees (or embarrassing for your team) than staff members having to ask each other the details of an offer.

6. Ride the wave

All set up and ready to go

It’s finally here, and its exhibition time, so what do you do? Enjoy it! With your objectives in mind, talk to as many people as possible, collect as much information as possible, whilst making use of all the tools you have available to you.

Use your social channels to send out a few blasts on your day- how people can find you, why people should pop over to your stand, and if people aren’t there, what they are missing out on.

There are plenty of live streaming options available now which could be done straight from your phone, such as Periscope or Facebook Live. This works especially well if you are running a competition on your stand, and broadens your exhibition audience to those who aren’t at the exhibition.

7. The next step

In no way is the exhibition the last step, and this is where most people fall down.

You have done this exhibition for a reason, and we can bet that the majority of your objectives relate to gaining leads or increasing brand awareness. Yes, some of this is done at the exhibition, but the bulk of the work is done when you get back to the office, and you have to close those leads, or take advantage of any awareness you’ve gained.

So, let’s break this down on how you can fully capitalise on the opportunities you now have at your fingertips.

First and foremost, schedule your time efficiently

If you are out of the office for a day or two, you are most likely going to head back to a pile of paperwork, and a bulging inbox. Add this on to all the extra exhibition work you wouldn’t normally be completing, and you can end up in a mess rather quickly.

Manage your time, and work with your managers and your team to prioritise the tasks on your to-do list. It is easy to panic and flap, and never call back anyone who left their details with you, but by managing your time when you return (or even planning it before you go) you can complete your own work, plus make the most of these extra opportunities.

Follow up your leads

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but if people have genuinely shown interest in your products or services, then talk to them. Whatever your method of sale, go for it: you have qualified leads you have met face-to-face who have said they are interested. You are not going to get a better time than that to approach people.

Social media

You may have spoken to several people at the exhibition who have not shown immediate interest in your product, but may do in the future, or you may have just had a good chat, and it’s worth staying connected. This is where social media is great, as you can connect but there is no sales pressure. You can still see what their company is up to, and when might be a good time to approach them in the future. It is also great exposure for you as well if the event has had some buzz, and you can join in on the conversation.


What happened at the exhibition? Tell people about it. If you decide to do this all again next year, why should people come and seek you out? Show them what great fun it was, and post your blog on social media. This may get shared by other people who attended, and drive more traffic back to your website.


All that hard work you’ve put into the blog? Re-use that content and send an email out to your marketing list. Tell them how great the expo was and if they can still take advantage of any exhibition offers.


If you did have on-stand offers that were advertised on your website, then make sure they are taken back down. Now would be the time to add any valuable knowledge you gained at the expo on to your website. Perhaps several people asked you the exact same question. Is this worth adding a new page for? Writing a blog about it? Or even just adding a quick note to your FAQs? If you are driving more people back to your website through social media, blog and emails, then make sure it really provides all the information a customer needs to make their decision.

Feedback to all

Speak to your team, and to anyone involved, and let them know the outcome. What did they achieve? Did you complete your objectives? What will you be doing differently next year? By not feeding back, any motivation for the next event will be depleted, and general atmosphere can drop if people feel the really hard work of the last few days has gone un-noticed and un-appreciated.

8. Want to get really smart?

If you have a little spare time, and spare budget, it may be worth considering a 360 video ready for virtual reality. Reach more people than just your exhibition audience, by showcasing your stand in all its glory. Or perhaps create a more immersive experience for those who visit your stand by letting them experience your product in virtual reality, or let people tour your whole showroom without ever leaving your stand.

How we can help

Let us help you with your marketing materials

Are you exhibiting this year? We can help you from the initial planning of your stand, to the creation of your stand, and the follow up afterwards.

If you require any stationery for your stand, we can help to design and produce leaflets, business cards, feedback forms or any other printed media. Pull up banners can be really effective if designed properly, so speak to us to make sure they are eye-catching and impactful.

We can create on-screen presentations so that people visiting your stand can find out a little more about your products or services in a succinct and persuasive manner.

As mentioned in the blog, it is important that your website and social pages are up to date before you exhibit, as you will certainly be getting more traffic to your site following the event. We can take the hassle out of this for you and update and improve your website before and after the big day.

To ensure you are getting seen online, take advantage of our free SEO initial audit. We add real value to any SEO contract we provide by offering monthly reports and meetings to monitor and manage your ranking, making changes to the copy writing or anything else needed to boost your listing.

Get your marketing strategy right and reap the rewards of exhibiting. If you’d like to have a friendly chat on how we could work together, call us today on 01543 495752.

Dog tips on dressing for Bonfire Night

Howdy humans,

It’s almost bonfire night, which means it is time for fireworks, and blankets and tasty tasty food. So we thought we would take a look through our previous ensembles and pass on a few tips of dressing for the occasion.


Pick a good coat

We’re lucky that we have a mum with really good taste, she we get to wear great coats that keep us all snug.

all dogs in coats

You should look out for full body coverage

george in coat


But even then you still sometimes can’t impress us.

Chops unimpressed


Keep your head warm

It’s important to keep our furry faces nice and warm as the temperature is dropping. but this can be harder for some animals than others.



The cat wasn’t too impressed with having to join in this rule. She looks like she’s actually trying to repel the hat!

cat in a hat


And Chops looks a little like a Jedi, but she’s getting there with what it should look like.

chops hood


Keep safe.

George has got the idea here with his hi vis vest. Keep safe with your human at all times.

hi vis george


Or stay in and pick a good blanket.

We love a good blanket! We even have a number of ‘blanket poses’ so hopefully we inspire you.

The pile on. Now, this one involves grabbing as many blankets as you possibly can, and piling them on top of you to form a warm (and quite stylish) nest. This one involves a little bit of effort, as finding those blankets can be tough!

the pile on


The old lady. This is a specialist pose, and requires the help of a human. They wrap you up in a seated position, and though you may feel fabulous, you look like an elderly human lady.

the old lady


The envelope. This is where you lie on a flat surface (such as a desk) and have a blanket underneath you, and above you. Sammy is a classic envelope sleeper when she snoozes at work.

The envelope


The roly poly. This is so much fun! Get in your blanket, and roll and roll and roll. With a little help from a human, you will be like a toasty burrito in no time.

the roly poly


And our favourite, the group hug. Get the dog squad together, put on some good tele, and relaxxx.

the group hug

Renegotiating the terms of the leash

Renegotiating the terms of the leash

Renegotiating the terms of the leash

Last time we looked at what to look out for with those nasty ulcers. But what if you find yourself in the same position as George, and you are now adapting to a different way of life?

Here’s some of the tips the humans have found when looking at training a blind dog. But there is no right or wrong way, just what works for you and your human!

Our first paw-ry was how George was going to play. As you all know he woofs his toys, and will always make a game out of anything he can get his paws on.

We’ve seen tips that adding bells or smells to toys can help, so that George could hear or smell his toy, and be able to find it that way, rather than seeing where it is. We know George has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing where his favourite toys are anyway, so he will probably learn quick on this one!

One place also said to use a mat under our dog spot, so that he will know from the feeling under his paws that he is back to base, and near his bed. We think he could probably follow our snore’s though!

Dad’s also said he has got to stop mom picking George up and carrying him cause he can ‘map out’ the house. We think George deserves s bit of fuss for a while, but we suppose it may be a bit confusing being picked up in the kitchen, and suddenly you’re on the sofa. They are gonna get some spongy bits for the table though, so he doesn’t bump his head when he is sniffing out his way (even though he bumped into everything before!).

To be honest, they have this completely under control, and there is so much help for them on the woof wide web that we know it’s all going to be okay.

In the lots of research they have done, part of that was looking at some videos of other pawed pals who are dealing with the same thing. They seemed to make them smile, so we thought you may all want to have a look too.

Here are our favourite videos.








Do you have a pet story to tell? Perhaps you are adapting to a new situation, or even just a fellow hard working office dog. Get in touch and we might be able to get your story on our blog!

For now though love and licks to you all

Chops and Sammy xoxo

George is making an amazing recovery!

George Is Making An Amazing Recovery

George Is Making An Amazing Recovery

Hello humans, its Chop,Sammy and Vic (the cat don) here. Well its been a tough couple of weeks but we are pleased to bark that our brofur George is doing really well.

We are taking recovery a day at a time and we are all learning something new every day. Mum and dad have been training him loads with the help of lots of tasty treats and voice commands and of course everyone has been giving him loads of extra cuddles which he is lapping up. Us girls have been walking alongside him to guide him along as he’s finding his way around the office and house.

As you can see from the video just because he can’t see any more doesn’t mean that he sits around all day on his furry dog butt doing nothing! Quite the opposite, we all know George loves to play! He’s already managed to rip his new quacking duck toy to shreds and pull all the fluff off his favourite red snake.

Spoilt rotten, he`s even going clothes shopping tomorrow for a new snazzy harness and lead. Well we think we deserve some new stuff too, new pink and purple collars and some sausages if you please BOL!.....and some smoked salmon for me..meowww

Mum has just told us that we can all take him for his first proper walk around the block tomorrow so check back next week for an update on how our brave furbro George is doing

A tough week for seriously paw-ly George

A tough week for seriously pawly george

A tough week for seriously pawly george

I’ve been tasked with pawing the blog today, which has been quite a ruff one. Our George has been a little in the wars, and it’s time to update you our furry friends.

George had been suffering for a few weeks with a very paw-ly eye, having to go back and forth to the vets, and leaving mum and dad putting eye drops in 6 times a day. As you can imagine this wasn’t George’s favourite part of the day. As the drops were kept in the fridge, he would hide in his bed whenever the fridge door went rather than running to see what he could scrounge!

We thought his eye was getting better, but during a normal day at the office, and running to greet someone at the door, George let out a yelp, and his eyeball went pop, and mum and dad had to rush him to the vet hospital.

Me and Sammy were so worried, but knew he would be okay with mum and dad and the vet. Unfortunately, we found out that George had a ‘corneal ulcer’ which can develop rapidly. Meaning they couldn’t save his eye, and the vets had to remove it.

Now, I know that George loves dressing up, but I thought this may be a step too far for the pirate costume he wanted to get (complete with eye patch).

But all barks aside, we felt very sorry for our Georgie, as not only did he have to have his one eye removed, but we found out that he had the same problem in his other eye, with a tiny ulcer appearing. Then the very next day after his op to remove his eye, before he even had time to come home for a cuddle! He had to be rushed to the hospital again for an operation to save his other eye, as the ulcer had grown massively.

The vets were amazing. We thought the dog squad had strategy down for trying to steal the humans toast, but their plan was something else! They were going to take out the bad bits in the eye, and then graft some of George’s eye back over, so that he could still see a little bit. We were very impressed at how they must have a steady paw! But also a little worried about our George.

Luckily George is a tough cookie, and came through the two operations in two days, a bit battered, a bit bruised, but still the same cheeky George we love (and lick). He had a couple of days of extra cuddles from mum and dad, and from us too when we were allowed to have a gentle cuddle. Even with the very limited vision he had, he was still trying to help mum dehead flowers in the garden, and even tried to play with his toys.

It looked like he was back on his way to recovery, but on Tuesday morning, just after we had all had our breakfast. We heard the same yelp that followed the pop last time, and mum and dad knew they had to get George back to the hospital. Even though they rushed and rushed, the vet said they would have to remove his other eye too.

This left us all very sad. What were we going to do?

Thankfully we know George is a tough nut to crack, and he would adapt. He was even doing what he could before his op to make the vet smile, including singing to him through the night.

As of this afternoon (Wednesday) we can say that George has come out of his operation, and out of the anaesthetic, and should hopefully be home with us tomorrow.

So George looks a little different now, but it’s okay. Me and Sammy are going to take him under our paws until he’s back to his normal boisterous self. Dad’s got loads of training in mind so he can still use the house as normal, and mums buying bells galore so he can hear things coming.

We know he’ll keep inspiring us, even without his sight, just like the Paralympian’s we are waiting to see on the tele. Oh, I wish I hadn’t barked that now, George is already expecting a medal. Watch out for a blog of him saying how he’s like a Paralympian now!

Thanks to all the extra love we’ve had off all the humans, from the team at the office, to the vets, to the clients, and even the poor postman who was in tears over Georgie. We wuff you all. (You can tell George isn’t pawing this blog as I can go a bit more soppy and dramatic!).

We’ll bark more updates as we have them, as well as guides of what to look out for in your pet pals, and we’re sure George will want his say when he’s feeling a little better. So make sure you sniff the blog for more information.

Love and Licks

Chops xoxo

The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal

The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal

The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal

You may have seen a couple of weeks ago we barked about our photoshoot for Personalised Nation with Dave from Paw Printz, well now the time has come to rrreveal some of the shots Dave has put together in “The Marketing Dogs Big Reveal”.

Here they are in all their furry glory. Feel free to add your thoughts or caption suggestions in the comments, or on the dogs twitter account (@TheMrketingDogs).


Tongue Out George

George possibly looking cuter than you have ever seen him before. It may have taken a treat to coax it out of him, but I think you’ll agree that it was worth it.


George licking lips


Sitting Nicely Sammy

Sammy is renowned for dancing around the office, or falling asleep on our laps, so it is quite unusual for her to sit so nicely on a chair!

Sammy on chair


Queen Chops On Her Throne

Chops knows she rules the roost, keeping the other two in check, and we can think that can just be sensed off this photo.


Chops on chair


Curious George

George often pulls this face around the office, normally when he is deciding if he can make the jump to reach a tasty treat on the side, or why you won’t play with him for the entire afternoon.

George on chair


Sammy jumping for treats

This is a pose that never fails to make us smile, Sammy loves to dance for treats, and often wonders round on her hind legs to get a better view of what treats are on the desk.

Sammy Dancing


Chops Looking Like Butter Wouldn’t Melt

We know the dogs are clever, great at marketing, and often make us laugh, but sometimes you have to appreciate just how darn cute they are!

Chops pug face


George pulling his best pose

George has had comments previously on how he should enter dog shows because of his looks. What do you think?

George looking at camera


Sammy “Ridiculously Big Ears” Mitchell

Sammy is the smallest of The Marketing Dogs but certainly wins the award for the biggest ears. She often scratches her ears by putting her whole paw inside of them.

Sammy with huge ears


Chops “Best Paw Forward” Mitchell

Chops loves to pull crazier poses, especially if it means she gets a nice treat at the end of it!

Chops best paw forward


George “Give Me The Toy!” Mitchell

George just loves to play. Our office floor is always scattered with whatever is the latest favourite, and he’s always looking for new toys like carboard boxes or bottles.

George with toy

The Dog Squad

And finally the three marketing dogs, all together as the team that they are.

the marketing dogs

What do you think?

You can see more from the photographer Dave on his Facebook Page, his Paw Printz site, or his other photography site.

If you want to enjoy picture of your own pawed pal, contact Personalised Nation to arrange a photoshoot, and for more information on how you can enjoy and showcase your photos after.

The Marketing Dogs do paws, pouts and personalisation.

the marketing dogs do paws, pouts and personlisation

the marketing dogs do paws, pouts and personlisation

Hello humans,

It’s our time to paw the blog again, this time about our pouting poses, as we all got to be models in a photoshoot. So we’re all collaborating on today’s blog.

You may have seen some of the stir we created on social media with our photoshoot news, so we’re here to tell you the tail of the day, and why we were able to spend our Tuesday afternoon pulling puppy dog faces.

Our brief from the humans, was to aid Personalised Nation with some pictures they could use for personalised items they will be showcasing at their stand at Staffordshire County Show 2016.

It is a huge show with so much going on, and is a mix of humans and all kind of animals (it sounds like a grrreat show to us!).

Whilst the humans worry about the leaflets, and pop up banner, and tablecloth, we got the pawesome job of having some pictures taken to be featured on the items they’ll display.

We wanted to make sure our friends Matt and Kelly get lots of people to the stand, so we wagged our tails over to their unit on Tuesday afternoon.


Dogs at photoshoot


I think they only had some cushions in mind, but now we know that Personalised Nation can print your pug mug face on anything, we think the humans should get us on cushions, and duvets, and mugs, and mouse mats, and placemats, and canvas’, and wallpaper, and photobooks, and clocks, and desk blocks, and key holders, and oven gloves, and keyrings, and jigsaws, and phone covers, and drink bottles, and everything else we can get our paws on.

We think mums on board, but dads not as convinced.

So what did we all think of the day?



Naturally I was the leader, first in the car on the way there, straight in there when we got to the venue to begin the photoshoot, ever the professional me.

After some group shots, I got to take on my personas of princess pug (loveable sweet pug who would never lick your feet or steal your food) and Queen Chopsy (who will make you want to give your food to me in one look).

I got my sparkle on, and a comfy, fluffy throne, and David the photographer seemed really pleased at my hard work.

We also got to meet some of the personalised nation family, who were so lovely I had to give them a lick, especially Matt who was wearing shorts. How could I resist a whole leg?!


Chops the pug photoshoot



Chops make think she ran the show, but I was the star, you should have seen the poses I was pulling, and I even got to pose on the chair that mum and dad never let me sit on!

I oversaw some of the other shots, and I think my really good friend David the photographer appreciated my input.

Overall? I got to dress up, and play with toys, and have treats, while everyone told me what a good boy I am. Best. Day. Ever.


George Photoshoot



I only thought I’d be able to do a little bit, as I had been at the vets a few days before, and was still feeling a little poorly, so I let Chops and George take the lead.

But once there was treats out, I couldn’t help but dance, stitches or no stitches! There are hardly any photos where I am able to keep my feet on the floor I was that excited.

I was really happy to have pictures with my new dog squad, we make a good team. But they are very committed, I had to go have a little explore around the unit, give my expert advice to David photographer and David dad, and have a little cuddle with Lauren, to have a little break from posing.


Sammy photoshoot


What now?

Other pawed pals, we would recommend having a photoshoot here, as it was a lot of fun, and the shots that photographer David got are even better than our selfies!

But sorry eager humans, you will have to wait till our next blog to see the professional ones.

You will also have to wait to see what Personalised Nation creates, but we definitely think you should go and visit them on the 1st and 2nd of June at the Stafford County Show, and see all the woofly products they offer on their website.


Do you have an exhibition coming up, and would like help with your stand? The humans may be able to help, just bark at them. If you want to see more from The Marketing Dogs, you can check out more of our adventures here.